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Proverbs says, Foolishness is bound in the heart of a child, BUT the rod of correction will drive it far from him. Every child is born into this world full of “ME”, you will have to train that foolishness out of their hearts.

God never told us to be a friend to our children, He did however tell us to train them in principles from His Word and discipline them properly. If you do this right one day they will be your friend.

Be your children’s “Buddy” in the early years, and you may lose them when they are teens!
Your children don’t need another buddy, they need a parent!

I am indeed GRATEFUL to have a child who LOVES God and has a desire to REMAIN respectful, learn more of who he is supposed to be in Christ. Raising him is a joy as well as a VERY interesting journey to say the least. He often inquires of how God is  offended by human behavior so he can try harder. Does he have faulty behavior at times? Well of course because he indeed is a child BUT training him up is my honor -

The greatest reward for parenting well, is when your children come to you, embraces you suddenly and thanks you for the job you did in training them. We are so thankful for our children! You too can parent well if you apply principles from Gods Word!

Current Inspiration. ..

Live ………….WITHOUT Pretending
Love …………WITHOUT Depending

Listen………. WITHOUT Defending
Speak ……….WITHOUT Offending

Work………….WITHOUT  Complaining                                              Create………. WITHOUT  Cheating                                                               Admire……. WITHOUT Coveting                                                                         Give ………..WITHOUT Skimming

Learn………….WITHOUT Regretting                                             Pray……………WITHOUT Ceasing


Copycat Maybe?

The Following intertitle.png

There has been a show that I started watching called The Following. I first  like any other show although it was on Season 2 and I felt that I was too behind to catch up, I thought that  may be watching for recreational time would “suffice”. However after the 2nd episode, the Lord indeed showed me that it was for a purpose.

★ Joe ☆  - the-following Wallpaper

The show has a great story line because it is really based upon how a CULT in 2014 could happen – how it obtains its followers, how the leader manipulates existing followers to recruit new followers.

It comes on EST on Mondays at  9pm on FOX – with Kevin Bacon – there are certain parts that I would call my son Jared in to watch with me and as a scene would happen, I would quickly explain to him how it happened and what he should do in an instance like this etc.

★ Ryan Hardy ☆  - the-following Wallpaper

From things happening at restaurants, bus stops and most importantly school settings – Which comes to the point of this blog post -  On a scale from 1 to 10 my son’s current school district is considered an “7.75″ and the next town over is a  “8.5 ”  so of course wanting my son to obtain a BETTER education I was pondering on a few things.

However, this morning in a “neighboring” school district that I have been contemplated moving into for the last year has had a tragic morning – I INDEED believe that this HORRIFIC incident that transpired was connected to the TV show, The Following -  I am NOT saying that the high school student was apart of a cult but “spiritually speaking”…….. you have to watch just only one episode of the show in regards to what happened to see what I am saying.