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Bday and Valentines LOVE

I could NOT have been blessed with a more amazing Valentine’s Day….. Yes, I hung out with friends, girl pals and even some family.. but this SPECIAL PERSON had really placed a smile on my face….

My son is indeed the APPLE of my eye!! Mom, women aren’t supposed to pump gas and other things if a MAN is around! I am thanking God for allowing me to have 2 parents that showed me the things of life…. because I surely passed them down. My daddy, RIP ( Norris Coleman) especially showed me what men are to do AND not to do –

Son: Mom tell me what you want from me and I will buy it or do it

Me: Aww baby, you are already doing it – being a good Christian boy and I thank God 4 you

Son: Thanks mom but for real, I want to take care of you

Me: GIGGLE… Jared my love – you have been ever since you were in my stomach!!

Son: Well Here Mom, here is a start……

Me: I’m crying because he spent his piggy bank money on me to show me he loves his mommy!

Dear Lord, thank you for true Godly inheritance….

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Yes, HE deserves ALL of my Praise -

Lord, you DESERVE all of my praise……. Over and Over and Over and Over and Over…….


Hmmmm….This Surely Encouraged Me -

There is a great deal that I DO NOT agree with in regards to our current President – Nevertheless, I will run across small snippets of things that he does “behind the scenes” and it is at “these moments”… my vantage point widens…..  Hearing him talk about REAL LIFE things – encouraged me –

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My Random

This SONG EXPLAINS my heart

I have been experiencing a GREAT DEAL of things lately…. but I have had a weekend that made me re – evaluate not so much the good, the bad, the ugly or even the indifferent… but just simply.. LIFE

So many people do not have the opportunity to wake up and “TRY THIS THING CALLED LIFE” again…. and it made me really FINALLY understand the slogan that we have ALL heard so many times..

LIVE today like it is your last…. I wonder why WE ALL take so much for granted? I am talking about myself as well… I honestly just started really focusing on EACH DAY / EACH MOMENT within the last few months… and It has really changed my life…my heart…my vantage point on PEOPLE – PLACES and THINGS…



imageKids are human beings that God allowed to be formed and brought into this world “as He” sees fit. He allows the children to be placed with designated parents so that they can experience a process that NO ONE understands until they indeed are in it….apart of it.

Then throughout life, everyone understands that in their own time…and in their own way that LIFE is something that is NOT hard but it is the choices that we make that sway LIFE….
imageIt is as kids grow that they have to realize that they are no longer those babies that they once were and accountability is waiting for them…. sometimes accountability is patient and sometimes it is not.
imageNonetheless, Kids are always learning and growing and ONLY society depicts when a KID turns into an ADULT… However, as a mom…. my heart will always view my kids as kids.. BUT I have the wisdom to allow them to fly and venture out…

It is nice that KIDS can come to you and know that “it is safe” to be a kid in your arms and you will not judge them..
imageI am 41 years old and …” I too”…. play with, laugh with….talk to and cry in my Mother’s arms.. then after she gives me what I need as well as what I want… She sends me on my merry way..

It is nice to be A KID – when time permits it…


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