Friday’s Short Message

Long story short……we have to REALLY understand that God doesnt NEED our help! We have to trust Him and not use gimmicks OR any type of devices thinking our BRIGHT IDEAS will triumph over His will.

We have to learn that when God gives us instructions that HE knows what is best🖒…….  Because TRUTH be told- the MORE that we try to ASSIT God ……. the more we are delaying our PROCESS to move forward and enjoy LIFE💘❤


Weight Loss Drama

Taking care of your body is so necessary but also so hard at times! Headed to the gym with a huge SMILE on face BUT a bigger one within my heart!!

Im NOT struggling or depressed about body image- HOWEVER😉 I do desire to get these VERY unwanted pounds back off of me as soon as possible!! 

Like almost EVERYTHING elsr in this temporary world that i reside in…..This is yet another thing that I do have to fight for! 👊👊 

Im praying with GREAT anticipation that God will assist me in losing 5o pounds❤❤

Honor Code –

Wouldn’t it be totally AMAZING to have people in your life that says things like this to you and THEY mean it?? 

We all have had some CRAZY friendships / relationships in our lives but where did ALL the honor go?

In this sadly and VERY unapologetic world that we are ALL trying to maintain our lives in…..It seems as if no one desires to honor “THEIR”………






Themselves….but MOST importantly God….. ( big sigh )


Moments are just those little situations that happen in our lives that can make us smile or cry…. experience defeat OR triumph!!

We have the power to control ONLY ourselves and that can be either a big pill to swallow or mind boggling to even comprehend….when we are ALL so intrinsically involved with sever things and people…

We can feel that our moment is NOT inly our moment but also a beaten path of things we DID NOT feel that we deserved in 1 second…..

Then the NEXT, trying to understand why God blessed us beyond meausre with so much happiness that AGAIN….we feel we DID NOT deserve…..

Bottom line- that’s what Grace and Mercy can be summed up as….

Nonetheless, moments are the things which impact our lives …which then creates emotions that are uplifting or damaging…..

Ultimately…we decide how to manage these moments in time….and PRAY 4 the bedy.

Appreciative Moments


I so enjoy seeing the fruits of MY LABOR❤💛💙💥👏💪😘😍 God has shown me how to raise this boy step by step and its been an adventure…..

 My child operating in ministry…. blesses my VERY soul!!! So #mommyproud #godlyproud of my son that ALL  can do is REPEATEDLY tell God …Thank you💥💥💥

Simply The Best!

Public Baptisms outside after church service…  💥💥💥💥 Sun shining and the people just continue to keep coming!! God is JUST way to cool for people to keep to themselves👏👏 

There are TONS of benefits when you sincerely choose to have a relationship with the Lord👌 

The covenant is lufe changing❤💛💥💙