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Donald Trump’s Mishap –

NEW YORK, NY - JUNE 16:  Donald Trump makes presidential announcement at Trump Tower on June 16, 2015 in New York City.  (Photo by Steve Sands/Getty Images)

NEW YORK, NY – JUNE 16: Donald Trump makes presidential announcement at Trump Tower

Everyone has heard, displayed their anger, pulled contracts, ended relationships and chimed in like I am doing now via the Donald Trump fiasco / mishap…. He meant what he said but did not want THE WORLD to know how he felt….#truth

If he feels this way about Latinos, how does he feel about Asians, Native American Indians and African Americans?? To be brutally honest, I PERSONALLY do not feel that he meant to “publicly” say his RAW and NEGATIVE statements about Mexicans

BUT…..the bible states – out of the abundance of the heart – THE MOUTH SPEAKS…He slipped and said this via the excitement and maybe even nervousness announcing his Presidential Campaign bid!

He has proven to be a great businessman but not a people person. A leader has to be able to have BOTH qualities and the ability NOT to speak EVERYTHING he or she feels, sees or hears!

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How I Feel …..


We are soft and feminine,Pretty and stylish,We are strong in heart,We keep going on and on,We persevere…

Women are dependable,Loving, and caring,We keep our men going, When times are rough, We are very tough….

There are all kinds off beautiful women In the world…
All shapes and sizes, Different personalities, We make up a good Part of the world,

We go through a lot, We get the worst end, of breakups and heartache….
We get the emotional baggage, The periods, the cramps, But that is only a fraction of who we are…

We can be anyone we want!…We’re independent, We can be doctors, Lawyers, teachers…
Journalists, surgeons, Accountants, soldiers, The world is our oyster, And we are the pearls..

Love fills our souls, We are so full of life, We shine like diamonds, In the night sky,
We may rise and fall, But through it all, We stand up TALL and with our NEW HEIGHT…we make history!

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If You Love ROCKY – Get Ready!!

Listen, I indeed STILL love The Rocky Balboa Chronicles….. I mean, I can still recall when my mom took me to see the very FIRST Rocky movie when it came out –

I guess that it is indeed safe to say that I am one of those fans who “CANT LET HIM GO” ….. LOL

However, when you see this trailer….it only goes to show how great of a director that Sylvester Stallone STILL is!

P.S. The actor that plays “the son” is also an amazing actor – if you don’t believe me… go watch some of his movies.

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By Definition……………..

By definition, a FATHER is someone who conceived the child: but many have unfortunately experienced,…… the FATHER doesn’t always stick around…. Some bolt before the child is born…..Some bolt in the early years… some bolt in the teenage years….some bolt as soon as they have the chance….

To say the least…its a sad reality that many grow p without a father…but not every abandoned child….regardless MALE OR FEMALE grows up without a positive role model…

Therefore… FATHER’S DAY should indeed be called “DAD’S DAY”…. The main difference between a father and a dad is that the father is biological: HOWEVER – a dad’s relationship is emotional and ATTACHED to the child with a genuine bond being established no matter how close or far away either party may be…

Dad is someone who actively and consistently PARTICIPATES in the child’s growth, development and maturity process…”DADDY”…..is a term of affection….endearment…familiarity…. Fathering is merely an act out of NATURE and what the bible talked about being fruitful and multiply. ( that is not the only definition of fruitful / multiple ) but we can discuss that in a later post….

Adding that it is much easier to become a father and many do it even unintentionally: however, it is also much harder to COMMITT to becoming a DAD…. DAD’S a leader, provides affection, and caring with balanced strong guidance..and of course will do whatever is necessary to make sure all the natural and spiritual things are met..Then grant some of the wants and needs as well based off of behavior and their ability to obey and have discipline under their tutelage.

A FATHER could have potential to be a great DAD…it all depends on many different factors…choices…but to make it plain…. – IT IS A CHOICE of the PARENT….Children do not / did not ask to be created nor birthed…

I indeed honor those DAD’S who are just simply THERE…..who chose to stay through ANY type of “personal” hardships etc… Yes, I say personal because it is!! Kids don’t have nothing to do with what you go through on a daily basis..!

>>No HONOR/ respect >> No PEACE via ANY relationship!

I am so grateful that I had a FATHER and a DAD……My son and I both miss him tremendously….

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Current Mood –


I had a long day in which I’ve unfortunately found myself whining and complaining on quite a few things…. Life has been indeed very interesting lately…..

Nonetheless, I heard this today and thought I would end the long and draggy work day  with it.

“Never lie, steal, cheat or drink. But if you must lie, lie in the arms of the one you love. If you must steal, steal away from bad company. If you must cheat, cheat death. And if you must drink, drink in the moments that take your breath away.”

I enjoyed this deeply –


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