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Sleep Like A Champion


I just finished an amazing encouragement session with my BEST FRIEND….BEST GIRL PAL… None other than my mom!!

Sometimes, we just need a good old fashioned deep and genuine Pep Talk from someone who wants nothing from you but wants EVERYTHING for you!!

For it to be Holy Week …. I have been indeed experiencing a great deal…. However, I shall NOT compare my little mishaps to what Christ Himself went through…so I shall just give God praise and try to PAINT a smile on my face and tattoo it in my heart..  
I feel #Better now and shall wake up I’m sure Totally Empowered in Christ!!

Thanks Mom!!

#teamWisdom #teamColeman #teamMom #teamGrateful

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Happy Birthday Daddy


Listen, yesterday was MY DADDY’S birthday and I am so glad to have had the chance and honor to spend LIFE with him –

He passed 7 years ago and this is the VERY FIRST year that I was NOT hiding up under some rock!!

It is indeed an amazing feeling – I feel so free to enjoy March 25th and smile …laugh…eat ice cream.. crack jokes.. watch movies all while STILL thinking of my great father –

I can say a million and ONE things about him and really wish that he could be here to hear them…. which is something that he was used to – me giving him honor, love, respect, admiration and his FLOWERS everyday –

Love on the people in your life as much as you can – for those who STILL have their parents with them – you should try to work out whatever is going on –

Trust me… I do understand that there are some circumstances that are “a bit special” so I am not here to judge anyone but the people that you have CHOSEN to be included in your life

do better –

do something different

re evaluate and create beautiful relationships with friends and family and LIVE YOUR LIFE –

don’t cheat YOURSELF or them out of the amazing love and happiness that can come from it

If you have any doubts – then you are the one with the problem –

Daddy Joe….. as what I so affectionately called you… I thank you for molding me into a male version of you………..

I mean seriously… because you AND mommy have raised a strong woman!! #parenthood  #dad #parentsRock

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Who Would of Thought –


For ANYONE who has read some of my post on this blog knows that my oldest kids – and I have had a VERY estranged relationship over the last 11 years –

I would just chalk it up to defiance, rebellion and the input from other family members who does not have the same vantage point of parenthood as I do………. which all boils down also to ….. SPRIITUAL WARFARE –

Anyhow….. Over the last few months….my son has REALLY been desiring to be with his mom… which would be ME – and we have been doing AMAZINGLY well…

– we have had many serious and very overdue talks and who would have thought that he would THIS TIME be alright with me STILL continuously NOT taking any defiance – disrespect and a host of other unpleasant things that he has done in the past –

Nonetheless, like I have always stated…. FORGIVENESS is an ART that was created by Christ Himself!!

We have talked EVERYDAY and texted even more….. and are you ready for THIS??….

Yes.. drum roll – a few minutes ago, my baby – my GROWN son – my college boy – he called me and asked me to pray for he and his friend at that VERY moment on speaker phone….

To say the least… I WAS SHOCKED ….but READY….. and I made the prayer LONG enough to get everything out to COVER AS MUCH AS I COULD – in regards to some of the things that I knew about …that ummm…. they should not be doing…

However of course I allowed GOD TO BE GOD and did not add any fleshly MOMMY TONES to the prayer…Mommy tones are the  EXTRA ADDED things that MOMS may try to do and THINK that they are helping BUT really are making a MESS……

Well, I am glad to say that everything went well and I felt so much of God’s love through that phone that I know we ALL will sleep well tonight ……

I am grateful for God’s faithfulness –

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My 21 year old son  Jaylen sent me the LINK to this song and said – MOM, LISTEN TO THIS, THIS IS ONE OF MY JAMS!

I smiled and giggled…..and told him how much I loved how he was evolving into a wonderful young man –

He laughed then giggled and said Love you Mommy…. LOL  He sent me the original song version which was a very nice video – but I wanted to show the LYRICS so you can see what the song is about…

WHEW, my son has come along way….Team GRATEFUL….#proudmom He is CHANGING from being that average athlete who just RUNS through young girls…I remind him daily that is SOMEONE ELSE’S daughter…sister…cousin…friend…and God’s baby!


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