Ummm… Me? A Black Cow Girl? LOL

Country Singer, Jake Owen

Who would have EVER thought that I would BE a fan of Country Music???? However, this artist goes by the name of Jake Owen and makes me indeed “sing along”…..

Well, I do wear boots…. I do wear big hats… I do wear my hair sometimes long …( at times – LOL ) I do dance (umm, welp that may not have any truth to it.. ) but I can Salsa in the Latin Community standards…! Also,  I can and ” I DO” –  SHOUT in the black Pentecostal church… so does that count for ” DANCING”.. LOL

What else do country people do? Well I really dont know but just going by what I see via television and talking to a few friends who actually are country honky tonk to the bone. Farms, britches, and everything else.. Not judging, just going off of my own observation from what I have been around…

So back to my open ended question, so what do Country Folk do???Drink? Go to bars? Oh!! wait the BEST part!…. A great deal of them write songs about their real life but most of the songs are REALLY sad… LOL.. Welp, I dont drink but I will GUZZLE a Vitamin Water! I have tons of sad stories as well… and I too am very open and strong with my faith.. so YEP! I guess im a half country gal… ( im really laughing at myself )

The song that I am sooo loving right now is called, Barefoot Blue Jean Night ( besides the 4th verse ) is a great anthem for just feeling good, having no problems or concerns and just wanting to kick your shoes off and have a “barefoot blue jean night” …. its soo tempts you to just jump in the car and DRIVE ANYWHERE and let your hair blow in the wind!  Makes you feel like a bottle of LOVE! Trust me, you will like the song and the video, google it on youtube! ( you may not love it but its cute and fun ) use your imagination and just google it already! LOL

oh wait, here it is!! >>>>>

#teamjake!!! AND #barefootbluejeannight