Car Moments….

 Do you ever notice that while you are in “the car” alot of things seem to make sense, you obtain 1,000 revelations, you become empowered etc? Why is it? Welp, besides via the “music” that we choose to play while driving…..our spirit  man is always speaking to us as well.

Now whether we can hear or we choose to listen is indeed a whole new story! I listen to gospel and soft pop every morning but different artists and this morning I did not even want to get out of the car “in fear” that all of my mental / intellectual juices would stop flowing!! The music, the car and my mind were ALL in tune and I wanted to make mental music that involved forward movement with my personal aspirations, relationship with Christ and getting my out of control family together! Now for some reason, my pen started writing really fast when I was focusing on the topics via my personal goals and aspirations in this life….

Then of course when it comes to Christ…..your mind has “no where to go” but up!! So I was feeling like a Spiritual Wonder Woman and writing and humming then smiling and say oh yeah..God that is good! LOL, I continued thinking and getting like 100 tactics in my mind of how to go about doing these new ventures….. I started getting overwhelemd and sat there like a FEMALE RAIN MAN! …..

It was like sooooooooooooooooooo much information going through the atmosphere that I was like God… information overload…or information freeze! ( like brain freeze when you drink icey cold frozen beverages and they go down tooooo fast ) Nonetheless, I was enjoying it and wanted to continue the flow that I was headed in… Welp, the REAL test of my flow came when it was time to write, think and deal with my family! Yikes is all that I could feel and think at that moment… The flow slowly decreased almost like a turtle’s speed and I had to think was it me? Did I speak it out into the atmosphere….did I just assume that there wouldnt be any productive solutions to the 10,00000000 issues that are present?

Geesh.. even typing about this at this very moment is making my stomach hurts…. Yeah…. family is my thorn.. I fight to keep it and the individuals apart of it so OF COURSE……the enemy attacks me and EVERY ASPECT of family and I am sooo over it. Families are soo beautiful via what they represent and what they can do when they unite together….My family is NO different than others in some form or fashion, however….. growth and communication is a need for so many. Everyone is moving but in “different directions” and it leaves The Road to Victory in the rear view mirror at times! I know that God will do whatever needs to be done and all parties involved will eventually see the light.

This blog sometimes represents how my days go….the blog started off like high octane fuel and slowly “but surely” ended with cheap watered down gas! However, I have learned the devices that the enemy uses to shift me into another mood and now that I know… I can “deal better” and I smile..pray and move >>>>>>>ON!

Cant wait to get back into >>>> the car! LOL

Welp now that I back in the car…

here is Jared giving me directions on where I should go next in my life >>>>> to his Christian Kids Club meeting! Gosh I love him