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#random – again

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I just recently started spending so much time on the computer that I am thinking of going on a technical freeze! I gave up individuality of social networking sites because I was just plum OVER THEM ALL! After you have networked enough…..given your opinion enugh….signed enough petitions, gotten involved etc..

What else is there to do besides to stay connected to the people that you experienced productivity from! I have learned more toward my own personal time and efforts in the chance to getting to know myself all over again and just making sure that I have NOT forgotten my purpose ( s ) in this life!

There is no point via networking as well as communicating with so so many people if there is NOTHING coming out of the connection for either party. I am so not into connecting for the SAKE OF CONNECTING!  Being online seems to FREE ME from the foolishness of unwanted contact sometimes…. that came out wrong but please know that is not how I meant it….

Even with this blog that I have….. it has been up since like 2005 and I tell NO ONE about it because I can write and speak in peace without a group of church folk wondering what I am saying…. a certain political party wishing that I didnt say what I just said or more so typed…. and my interesting set of worldly friends getting upset because I refuse to find a “cause” for their sinful ways…

Blogging allows me to give back in ways that I seem to not be able to in person ” at times”………. I feel REALLY FREE here and I love it…. meeting like minded people who are NOT of my fold stretches me and does not allow me to feel or get comfy because I am representing Christ. ( which is a great thing! )

People need to learn that they are not the most important thing really in anyone’s lives…. Even if you are married, you must realize that you are indeed a priority to your partner’s life BUT they too need space to breath and have at a few “waking moments” to be themselves and remember who they were / are before they became connected to another person.

Partnership is a BEAUTIFUL thing but INDIVIDUALITY is even better! If you dont know who you are when you are alone… how can you adequately add to your mate and bring a productive balance? Please dont try to answer because there is NO answer to that question!

I am over EVERYONE even myself…. So if I have found discovery within my ownself, I am certainly not going to cope with the heaviness that others may bring. If you literally take the time and SEARCH for me online, then maybe you will find this free and liberating blog of mine! LOL However, if you dont, you will NEVER know that I chose to let loose on a daily basis…

Search for me yes, reach out to me yes, BUT STALK ME? Please NO and then please stop! I have had a few that wanted to ask like 100 questions but I politely acted as if I couldnt see nor could I hear….

Come correct or dont come at all …. ESPECIALLY when I didnt ask you to come and you came all on your own!



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