im still learning……

i know that we all have to learn things in life and we would LOVE to choose the way that we learn our lessons i am sure….

lately, i just feel like for every GOOD 3 to 4 days i will have maybe 1 to 2 BAD days….  GEESH!

Nonetheless, i know that evidently God knows that i can handle all of the dysfunctional foolishness…….. i have to eventually but i surely AM TIRED of it…

you ever just sit and realize HOW MUCH you have done for others and BEEN THERE for others….. it would be nice just to just obtain even a ” SMALL PERCENTAGE” in return for a while….

well i have freed myself over the last 2 years via feeling obligated to do things for people and showing up to places that i no longer desire to…… there is such a freedom in not being apart of certain things, programs, fellowships etc… when you get over the hype of it all – you can indeed see better! and with better sight……you can NOW see where you are going in life!



One thought on “im still learning……

  1. smilingsunshinegirl

    Same here ..:) Earlier even I used feel obligated to help people often who don’t even realise it…But now, before offering help, I think twice if that person really needs it..and I feel much better and now..!

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