Dear ( ME )



The decision to ask God for His help is MY greatest source of #wisdom, strength and courage!!

That is my thought for the moment but my standard for life…..

Today was a really mellow, productive and relaxing and the flow is indeed blessing me.

I feel very loved and appreciated right through here and it feels nice.

I was chatting with a girl pal a few hours ago and she was sharing her dating story with me and to say the least……it was yet another interesting event!!

We talked about on line dating again and then I realized that no matter what avenue it is via dating that what is suppose to be, will be! (Regardless how it comes )

I am not against blind dates or the online dating concept……However dishonesty and lack of integrity I am against but sometimes you cannot obtain some clues until the (chatting) actually transpires!

I totally FORGOT the whole purpose of this initial blog but at least I had a good day!

Peace….Love….Loyalty and Honor

V.D. Coleman

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