Public Attention

Deion Sanders (Getty Images)

Trying to figure out why a grown, Christian  husband would tweet a domestic dispute between his wife …….

If he is indeed sorry that his boys had to witness “the mess” why add the nice touch of the next step that you did?

Trying to figure out why a grown, Christian father would tweet a photo of his kids filling out a police report against their mother….

I do not care how scandelous his future ex – wife, Pilar Sanders, may be or what she did… for him to post his business like this on a public domain such as TWITTER! I understand that he named himself prime time but this gives prime time and being in the lime light a whole new different meaning! Deion Sanders, what were YOU thinking and what are YOU thinking?

Seek Godly counsel because YOU have now involved your boys with the public for scrutinty and cannot assume that people will NOT try to throw jabs at them because YOU are Deion Sanders. My brother, think next time….better yet even after you decide to maybe delete this photo just remember that it has already escalated throughout the world wide web!

Never make moves while angry / distraught / discombulated etc..etc..etc.. Fire your P.R. Agent / Team of people since they have not prepared you properly to handle your personal situations via the public!

Now it is damage control time…GEESH!

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  1. wow, I’m just wondering what purpose does it serve to put something like that out in the open? It’s really none of anybody elses business what happened between his ex and and himself. We are only hearing one side of the story in an attempt to demonize her using the press…it sends a bad message to the children in my opinion. It’s really sad what people do without thinking of the repurcussions of their actions.


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