Special Note to “Some” Women

W -O – M -E -N …………  O -P – E – N   ……………….   Y – O- U– R  …………….. E – Y – E – S

Women in leadership roles…. via ministry as well as being a wife…..  UGGHH… being dominate isnt the answer!

Realize the man is the head and learn how to utilize your role to uplift him… (if you love him)

Understand that submission is an attitude not a cave man mentality syndrome…

Respect that a man needs to feel wanted…..remember they have pride

Re – evaluate your understanding of authority so you can stay in your own lane

Via ministry….. it is VERY EASY – EXTREMELY EASY – DISGUSTINGLY EASY for women to get pumped up…

First of all…. right now in the church – the NEED for “bodies” is at an all time high that a lot of people will tell you anything to get you into a position and pump the ego that you NEVER HAD BEFORE to keep you there!

Wisdom will tell you to pray and study the man before you jump off the deep end “assuming” that you are more equipped / knowledgable / more spiritually mature than your mate. Even if it is not your mate….it can be your brother…father…friend… etc.

 Cool Glitterz

Just support them!!!! Being a man in this world has enough of its own challenges…..and if the man is a minority – whew you really need to be a tad bit more sensitive!!! Be a lady and enjoy your role so he can flow in his with EASE!

Let men be men without you telling them what to do…. find wisdom ways to help show them.. (that’s better than telling them) even if we are right 95 percent of the time ( LOL ) let them feel as if they are right and figured it out all by themselves!

Anyway… back to leaders who tell you how wonderful you are and called of God!! LOL They are not worried so much about your destiny…your calling…your purpose etc.. and if you notice…….. women seem to be the TARGETS of getting their egos pumped more so than men! Women are emotional and if they have not been “properly affirmed” they will FALL FOR THE FEATHERLY WORDS that are spoken to them.

Due to the fact that a great deal of men have not been on their post spiritually / ministerally……..it has called the outburst of women to come to the forefront in ministry. Which IS NOT A BAD THING…. but like everything else… there should always be balance right!

Women preaching like men….women wanting to be ruler over men in the workplace…..in the pulpit….in the home….in the board room etc…etc..etc….  it is okay for us to be strong but not tough… I think it is so unbecoming!

ok im done!

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