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GOOD LORD!!!!! THESE BOYS DROVE ME TO LAUGHTER…. UMMMMM irritation……softness…compassion….much laghter AGAIN …joy….and love! They are indeed AWESOME kids!

However… I am TIRED and ready to go home… remember boys if we are hanging EVERYDAY ALL DAY until Sunday…yall better high five each other and LET ME GO HOME! LOL  ( NO FOR REAL – LET ME GET HOME TO BED ) By the time we were in pursuit of not just walking to the car… but also TRYING TO LOCATE the car but I was so tired and sleepy and worn out… I forgot where we had even parked.. So I said let’s take pics to help me wake up.. THEY SCREAMED NO!! LOL

My son laughed and hugged me REALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLY tight and said Mom you rock and even though I get on your nerves sometimes, I know you love me… UGGHHH so sweet!! LOL Thank you for the love but okay hug me as we walk and find the car in this parking lot!! LOL Yes, I was STILL tired even after the I love you and thank you mom speech……

Okay, love you Nick, see you TOMORROW-  I had fun bye!!!! Here comes my friend Melissa, which is Nick’s mom and she started taking pictures with her camera of the boys and me and her and the kids almost lost it!!! No more pictures you guys! SOO – SOO FUNNY!

Love you sis but I will cal you tomorrow…… the boys try to SNEAK IN THE HOUSE and they kept saying that they needed to ask each other a question in private but did not want to talk in front of us so they NEEDED to go into the house! Not so, love you Melissa..bye Nickky – Pooh! Good night…. Nonetheless… we got some great pics in one day!  It feels great to be a good mom to my amazing son and it feels just as amazing for him to have a nice best friend and a mother to match!





Happy Birthday Baby!!

Today is my son’s birthday and boy oh boy… from today until this Sunday am I going to be tired. Since today is  still a school day and a work day, I did not want to get home ” too late” and I made 9 pm my END TIME for the day! My son and his best friend I am sure will wear me out from 3 to 9 pm! Movies, eating, arcade gallery, shopping, and the park will have me begging for mercy by the time I am DONE.

So we left the movies and I had already seen the movie Men in Black 3 but the kids did not and everyone liked it but the birthday boy! That made me feel bad because he really wanted to see the Marvel Comic Movie, The Avengers….. Well it was starting at 715 and it is a 2 1/2 hour movie…. my body politely advised him NO! So now they wanted Asian food from a local mall and of course the mall that they chose was WAY across town from where we were located. However, it is not my birthday so I just went with it in stride…

Yes, I am having fun and who would of thought that I could have THIS MUCH fun with two 10 year olds! His best friend is hilariously funny and acts like he is at least 18 years old! NO SERIOUSLY! The things that comes out of this boys mouth is WROTH FILMING!

Done eating now it is time to go to the stores! I told them BOTH that they can pick 3 stores to go into and purchase things and we have to SAVE MY STRENGTH to get me through Friday, Saturday and Sunday early evening!.. First store is the ALL BABSEBALL HAT STORE! Like really? A store dedicated just for hats? Umm okay!

Oh gosh please just pick two hats and let’s go… I cant take it in here anymore – someone may see me and think I am a tomboy! LOL.. Just kidding but why does it take SOOO LONG to buy a few hats…like really boys? Okay next is of course…. what seems to be EVERY KIDS DREAM… the store that waste time and energy in  a child’s life as well as what I have seen unfortunately break up some marriages because the man does not want to take his duties seriously because he sets aside time for these little devices…called VIDEO GAMES!!!! ( so silly and crazy too ) I already know out of the 3 stores that they are going to walk into that this video store will take up the MOST time…..

Okay please take 10 minutes to review what games interest you and let us quickly go to the check out counter alright boys?

I said go pick out games NOT GO PLAY GAMES IN THE VIDEO STORE! Do you think that for “just for today” that they are uncapable of HEARING ME AT ALL? Lets try again….. 1…2..3..

Umm… yeah… that DID NOT WORK! LOL However, I advised them that we are NOT going to the 3rd store because they are not following directions… Okay they got to the counter so fast, I did not even have the time to take a quick photo! So the FINAL STORE and then I can get home….clean my house ESPECIALLY my messy room and just relax….. we are going to the tennis shoe store and I KNOW this will go really fast….

My son’s best friend saw that I was a little irritated and he knows that I LOVE TAKING he wanted us to take a photo together to ” calm my nerves”…………LOL “NICE TRY” but let’s go…I am tired boy!

Yes the tennis shoe store and my son’s ONLY TENNIS SHOE that he loves is Adiddas and all of their products.. So now we start the birthday shopping and he has 5 MINUTES ONLY to pick what he wants… Yes, I said it.. 5 minutes…  When I was growing up and in my era… you would be blessed to get two things…. LET ALONE your mother allowing you to pick ANY 3 STORES that you want to shop in and who cares that I give him a time limit because like I tell him.. I DONT HAVE TO BUY YOU THE THINGS THAT YOU DESIRE….I only have to buy you the things that you need and even with that being said.. there are a great deal of parents who just DONT or simply CANNOT do it. So be and hush it!

I am an Adidas Girl too, so I can understand how he is grabbing everything addidas…. Socks, Watch ( that he does not need ) and with LITERALLY 2 minutes left how in the WORLD could he FORGET TO LOOK AT ADIDDAS TENNIS SHOES!!

 Like for real… 2 minutes left and I told him he a minute for each shoe he wanted to pick out…He said I only have two minutes left!!! I said well that means that you ONLY get 2 pair of shoes…. ” GET OVER IT “…..

Alright the two minutes are up….. Did we ever make it to the counter? Did my son get frantic and complain that he would not have time left? Would he want to change his mind in what he wanted? Will he be a winner? LOL Will my little 10 year old birthday boy be VICTORIOUS in the tennis shoe store called Champs! LOL

YES!!!! He was a winner!! he grabbed two pair of shoes and the salesman went to the back and had my son’s shoe size and went to the counter….. See!!! Kids, DO HAVE THE UNDERSTANDING OF TIME!!! LOL

LOOK AT MY SON’S FACE BELOW……TOO FUNNY! He was saying to me……… Mom that was not cool – I am tired… YOU HAD ME RUSHING!! For real son??? LOL

So let me get this straigth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My little birthday boy’s little dilema!  >>> He mad at me cause he only had 5 minutes to pick out ANYTHING HE WANTED! LOL – WOW



There are many types of mentoring relationships, and it is essential to understand the differences and nuances prior to cultivating and entering into a mentoring agreement. What characteristics do you seek—formal or informal, mandatory or optional, short term or long term?

One of the most important distinctions is whether the mentoring relationship is considered formal or informal. Most mentoring relationships sit somewhere on a continuum between these two extremes. Formal mentoring relationships are often mandatory—leadership assigns mentors to new hires or promising candidates for promotion.

The meetings are scheduled, tracked, documented, and evaluated based on clearly articulated goals and milestones. Informal mentoring relationships are more spontaneous and based on loosely defined results. In fact, many mentoring relationships, while fulfilling the PD needs of the participants, are not acknowledged as such.

Often the mentee enters an informal mentoring relationship because of an intrinsically motivated need to do better. Whereas formal mentoring relationships tend to be more hierarchical, with seniority, status, and even age defining the mentor/protégé relationship, informal mentoring is more likely based on trust or admiration.

Another important thing to remember is that being a Mentor to someone is a blessing and a great opportunity to pour into someone a wealth of knowledge. Event though you are the Mentor, it is also just as important that you learn a variety of things from the people who are your mentees!


Wow – Really?

Okay my son LOVES watching and playing soccer and after seeing this, I said oh!!! I see why America is the ONLY  country that calls this sport FOOTBALL and not SOCCER !


I think that I would jump out of my seat in a stadium if I saw something like this happen to my son! GEESH….. These guys certainly are not displaying role model behavior!




Over the last 2 weeks, I have been obtaining strategy to deal with my family – mainly my almost 19 year old twin children. I have written MANY blogs about them and 2 out of 50 have been positive and the 50 of course has been me expressing how much pain that I have been experiencing.  Well, the last 2 weeks have mentally, emotionally and spiritually AMAZING! I have finally LET GO in order for The Lord to FLOW in their lives! I did not think that I would be able to do it but I did and I am very glad about it. God knows that I love my two oldest BUT the way that they have treated me since they have stayed with their father has TRULY BEEN UNBEARABLE!  I am no perfect mother but I have strived for perfection in Christ Jesus!

I just FINALLY have peace and joy with how I will deal with my kids going forward because you have no idea how horrid it has been for me over the years. When God would instruct me to do things and I DID NOT WANT TO, I did anyway. Doing things GOD’S WAY is always a must for TRUE and LASTING success! My children have only desired to use me for what I was able to give them or what doors that I would be able to open for them-  God showed me last week that is the same concept that we as Christians do towards Him! Nonetheless, this time of silence and separation that HE has ordained for me I have SOOOOOOO EMBRACED!

To my fellow parents, especially single parents – KNOW THAT the seeds of Christ that you have implanted into your children shall not die within them and your labor has not been in vain! You have to NOW operate as a minister and NOT as an earthly parent because going back and forth being a minister then handling your kids as a parent confuses the very task of what you are trying to accomplish. For goodness sake, ALWAYS STAND YOUR GROUND via your Christian principles and what you will and will not allow in your life, your house, your atmosphere etc.

It may take a minute for you to obtain the epiphany but know that it will come so you can move forward in the things of God on your children’s behalf. What God has me operating is BEYOND the Tough Love Approach – this is SPIRITUAL WARFARE!

The beauty of it ” NOW ” is that I know that I am at the end of the war!!! The enemy has been winning all of these battles between me and my teenagers but I serve a God that reminds me and has shown me how I AM GOING TO WIN! Matter of fact, I have already won and I am just in the waiting period of the situation! To God be the Glory for the many things that He has done, is doing and will do!

It feels utterly amazing

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Quick Way to WASTE $

This is a style that almost every child…tween…pre teen …teenager or  early twenty something person have experienced. However, this particular style was CREATED / INVENTED “in error” years ago!  The stores in these malls look crazy with these shorts on hangers!

There were families that did not either want to waste more money on jean shorts or they simply did not have the money to purchase shorts. Now over the years, it has become a crazed fettish for alot of people and they are spending $100 for jeans that “can be simply made in the privacy” of their homes!   LOL   Makes NO sense to me, now or later!