Dear Mommy Cakes

You have gotten older my dear and to see you age has been a blessing. I want you to know that I will always – always be here for you and with you. This indedd is my promise to you! Thru the years, I have seen you go through the pain and the sorrow thru every tomorrow. It has been an honor to lend a shoulder to lean on when your feeling blue. To have an open ear to listen to you Mommy Cakes – at your age of 72 I AM HERE!

Thank you for being such an amazing role model to me…a great grandmother….a great wife…a great friend….a great mentor…a great mom

When I hear your SILENT cries, I promise to give you spiritual advice and never ever criticize. Please know that your will never have to feel alone when your weathering a storm. I will be the light that you see thru the clouds, no matter how dark your surroundings are, know that I am there thru the mist and the rain lending a helping hand to help ease the pain.

Regardless where I live, You never need to feel alone. No matter how near or far we are, know that I am here as your shining star. When you look up at the sky at night know that I am thinking of you even though your not in sight, my heart is with  you. I will cheer you on and be proud when life take a turn and is better for you. I am NEVER too busy or tired to come and see about you!!

 There are many tomorrows in your life you see, don’t ever give up because you have me. You have someone here who loves you and cares and will never give up on you even on a dare.

I’m here for the long run be good or bad your part of my life  now with pages to fill with memories and friendship until the earth stands still.

So this is my promise to you Mommy Cakes. Remember it always for I am right here. Think of me often and find comfort in knowing I care…

Thank you for being a GREAT MOTHER TO ME!!!


Some Truth 2 This!

It is FUNNY how from ages 10 to 50 our viewpoints CHANGE on how we view our parents, especially Mothers! These are the main focus ages that I feel may be turning points in women’s lives below….Not accurate for everyone but some may be able to connect.

Age 10 –  I love you mommy, you are the greatest

Age 14  – I swear that my mother gets on my everlasting nerves, she does not understand how I feel

Age 18 – I cannot wait to move out of my mother’s house

Age 25 –  I am sorry mom, you were so right about EVERYTHING

Age 30 –  I am so glad that I have you to share in every aspect of my life

Age 50  –  I wish that my mom was still alive

Age 70  – I HOPE AND PRAY that I am as good as a mother as mine was to me

I am SOOO grateful that my mommy is still alive and well……… and I pray that God grants me at least 20 more years with her! I have always realized how important my mother was AND still is in my life. She GAVE me life so how can I keep her out of mine!

Image Detail Image Detail



Finish each day and be done with it…. Realize that the day is over or at least is coming to a close! ( an end ) Whatever happened – has happened and whatever that was suppose to happen – did not happen for “whatever reason”

Learn not to take your failures to bed and refrain from keeping your bed a cemetary! YES! Some blunders and obscurities have found a way to creep into your day and have shifted some things for the worse… but MOVE ON because you have another day to plan for! Remember that the key here is to reflect on what was and move on because staying mentally in the past is dangerous AND NOT prosperous!

You have an opportunity to FINISH your day strong! – ” dont blow it again”…..


I Have Never –


I have NEVER seen or even heard of a BLACK Lion!!! This is absolutely stunning! It looks like its reputation with this color coating! God surely has allowed some beautiful things to be created here on earth in the form of animals! I hope that this lion “is indeed AN ORIGINAL” because you know that “man is always” trying to change and RE -INVENT something! ESPECIALLY things that should not be bothered!