As Christian Parents – Let’s….

Teach our children “to know” God.

Teach our children “to perceive” God.

Teach our children “to see” God

Teach our children “to find out” God.

Teach our children “to discern” God.

Teach our children “to distinguish” God.

Teach our children “to know [God] by experience.”

Teach our children “to recognize” God.

Teach our children “to admit” God.

Teach our children “to confess” God.

Teach our children “to consider” God.

Teach our children “to be acquainted in or with” God.

 Teach our children “to have know-how in or be skillful in” God.

Teach our children “to have knowledge of or be wise about” God.

Teach our children “to be instructed in” God.

Teach our children “to be known in” God.

Teach our children “to make known or declare” God.

Teach our children “to make oneself known or to reveal oneself in” God.



Tip On How 2 Raise Sons!

Don’t wait to make your son a great man – START out by making him a great boy!


Practical Thoughts

As Christian parents, following God through His Word, we learn, “In all thy  ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct thy paths (Proverbs 3:6).” But what  does this mean to us? How can we make this practical in helping our children  through their schooling over which we have been given stewardship? It is a  curious word, this word “acknowledge.”


It means “to know,” “to learn to know,”  “to perceive,” “to see,” “to find out,” “to discern,” “to distinguish,” “to know  by experience,” “to recognize,” “to admit,” “to confess,” “to consider,” “to be  acquainted in or with,” “to have know-how in or be skillful in,” “to have  knowledge of or be wise of,” “to be instructed in,” “to be known in,” “to make  known or declare,” or “to make oneself known or to reveal oneself in.”


Now if we go back to this Proverbs 3:6 passage and re-read it by placing any  or each of these definitions (to learn to know, to perceive, to see, etc.) where  we read the term “acknowledge,” we can readily see the fuller meaning of this  passage. We will do this  shortly.


The one thing that every Christian comes to the point of asking God, when  they come to the point of wanting to do His will above their own, is, “What do  you have planned for my life?” We are practical and searching people. We are  taught, in this world, to make plans and set goals. We also pass this teaching  on to our children. But, even if the plans we make are successful for a time,  they are always doomed to eventual failure when they are different from those  plans God has for us. This is true for the rocket scientist as well as for you  and me. You probably are saying, “Great! How are we supposed to know what God  has planned for us?” Proverb 3:6 and other verses in scripture reveals the  answer to this question for us.


The major reason why “our ways” often do not match “His ways” is actually  comprised of a couple reasons. One reason is that there is sin in the world and  in us that causes us not to think correctly and that only leads us down wrong  paths in life (Prov.14:12; 16:25). Psalm 48:14 tells us that “…for ever and  ever: [God] will be our guide even unto death.” Another reason is that our  understanding is so limited. God takes His position of supreme  knowledge of all things, which is more knowledge than we can have at any time or  level of our education (Isaiah 55:9).



Enough of Jared 2 Go Around!

My son is loved

My son is loved

My son is loved

My son is loved

 We were talking and he was getting into a mood again when he thinks of the lack of consistency with his father and brother and I had to remind him that just because his father is not there, just because his older brother does not call, just because he does not see his uncles that he SHOULD NOT disregard the people that are in his life that have helped him over the years – not to mention currently! His MIND understands but of course his HEART does not and that hurts ME AS HIS MOTHER…..

So as we talked about the people in his life, I dedicate this blog specifically to my little 10 year old baby… Single Parents – do not dwell on what you or your child (ren) do not have because the blessing is indeed WHAT IS LEFT! Remember the blessing even after the blessing seems to have dimmed in your eyes! God is not through – blessing you!


My son is loved

My son is loved

My son is loved

My son is loved

My son is loved

My son is loved

That is why he is always so happy and it is a GREAT reason for us both to appreciate the people placed in his life….. He may not have a a long list of MALE mentors in his life or MALE family members in his constant circle BUT God has strategically sent te individuals who were able to assist him in his time of need. Also the WOMEN that are in is life treat him like a young man and NOT a boy who is treated so delicately that he PREFERS to hang around women…his aunts….his mother…his grandmother…my girlfriends ( female friends ) etc… I am blessed to have people in his life who genuinle care about him.  The male figures will come and add to his life soon enough….

Until then… his friends – his friends dad’s – his friends uncles keep us running while I maintain being Soccer Mom……Band Mom….Baseball Mom….Taekwondo Mom….Swimming Mom…. and REGULAR MOM! LOL

For the lack of MALE role models in my son’s life  – it is so imperative that he stays involved in as many male centered activities as possible. I STAY TIRED – but I feel that my son is totally worth it!