Dear ( ME )

Tired –

God is the ONLY REASON why:

Even in my past CURRENT and future pain, I shall always FIND a reason to smile….

In confusion, because of His granted wisdom, I am able to understand….

 In much betrayal I still trust….

Nonetheless in fear and disappointment, I will always continue to fight….

I might as well CONTINUE ON with my fight because usually we as human beings say…..

God show me first and I will trust you later! and God SAYS Trust ME then I will show you!


Hey Pops!

Hey Pops! Yesterday was a little hard but today SUPER DUPER surprising – I was actually alright hearing and seeing all The Father’s Day stuff and you are not here with me! It has been 5 years since you have been gone from this earth ……but it most days only feels like it has realy only been about 2 but …hey 5 is for grace right!

Mommy misses you of course…..Jared said yesterday that when you died the family fell apart!!! OH HOW HE IS RIGHT – GEESH! The twins unfortunately are the same- ….

Sorry dad, I tried all these years ( I MEAN REALLY ) and finally pulled back like a few months ago. You told me to years ago but I could not regardless of the things they did or did not do because they were still babies – my babies ya know?  They will be 19 in a few weeks so -PEACE! ( in so many words )

The other siblings situation is stil the same as well – you would be disappointed but you were ALWAYS optimistic! Whew, boy is it hard being the peacemaker ALL the time and for so many years – boy am I exhausted seriously…

Dad today I show my appreciation for you in my life, but I hope that this isn’t the only day you see my appreciation, because everyday I look in the Mirror I see a piece of you. Love Ya…. and see you when I get to HEAVEN

Pops, I salute YOU on this day ( actually everyday ) but I am blessed because I am your daughter!… would be so proud of me!