Weekend Part 3

On the road to fun! Picking up my mommy, meeting up with my sister and hoping that we arent late catching up with the rest of the family…. Umm.. I came dressed and ready to just PICK UP people to keep the flow going so I would not be late – but I have this sad huge feeling that these two lovely people that I love to life WILL INDEED MAKE ME LATE! ( AS USUAL )

God knows how long I will have to wait because my mom is slow but my sister is SUPER slow!!!! Talk about me being IRRITATED ALREADY!!!! Big Sigh

Can we HURRY up and leave you guys? Who changes clothes 10 times? ( I do! ) LOL However, when someone is waiting for me and we have places to go – Im ready! Did you ever see that movie called 27 dresses? Well that is how many times my mom needed to change her clothes and my sister changed her shoes and her pocket book to match!

Finally we are ready to leave her house! Geesh… Thanks mom for changing your shoes 3 times and taking 20 minutes to find a certain pair of earrings! Oh wait, let’s not forget trying to pull you from the house because you was watching a reality show!! Really mom?? LOL Nonetheless, by now it is so time to leave – its 91 degrees outside – I do not want to freeze in the air conditioner of my car because you are over heated either!! So this is going to be an interesting day – evening and night!


Weekend Part 2

“A friend is one who believes in you when you have ceased to believe in yourself”. This quote aptly describes the role that a friend plays in your life. Friends are the ones who are always there for you, whether the times are good or bad. They never leave your side, even in the worst of circumstance.

When you are sitting with a friend, you don’t feel the need to say words. He/she understands even you silence. Still, many people fail to recognize the importance of friends in their life. In the following lines, we have explained why friends are important and what role do they play in our life.

Some friends you may not hardly see on a consistence basis but when you do see them as spend time – it is like NOTHING has changed. It feels even better when the people you consider as friends are always STEMS of your family!!

Friends are always there for us, to laugh with us in the happy times and to provide us with a shoulder, when we feel like crying. They serve as one of the biggest supports in our life.

Friends are amongst those few people who accept us, rather like us, as we are. They never come into our life, expecting us to change for them. However, they do correct us when we are at fault.

It is said that whether you need to hear the bitter truth about yourself, go to your best friend. He/she will never lie to you, just to please you and win your favors. What he/she says is the truth about you.


Weekend Part 4 A

Okay, I finally made it to my destination and boy is it HOT out here! Thank goodness, there is a space for my mommy to sit and for us to stand up close…..

However, even on ” THIS DAY “……at this moment, the most important thing for me to do is to get MORE PHOTOS FIRST!! The sun was blazing today! LOL


So glad to run into so many old faces…. family and friends go hand in hand most times… Especially those individuals who seemed to have ALWAYS been there!

My family – well parts of it at least…… bring me joy and today has allowed me to FORGET the negative things pertaining to my family and concentrate on something good – FOR A CHANGE!

We are all getting settled and trying to hurry up and mingle to get our hugs and kisses in with everyone before everything starts…. It was soo good seeing everyone and just seeing FAMILY together on ONE ACCORD united and truly gathered for the same reason~ LOVE! I am so excited that I cannot even sit still or stand still at this point!!!