Weekend Fun Part 5

Find ways to spend quality time with your son without the constant distractions you bring home from work. In many cultures it is common practice for men to work and the women to stay home and take care of the kids.

I agree with this role for married couples to some degree but as with anything you need to be flexible with this traditional family model.  Everyone is not married and they have to figure out what works for them as a family! I am a single parent but I rip and run and do things as if I was apart of a two parent house hold….It sounds VERY OXY-MORONIC but at times, that is how I feel.

My number one suggestion is to never allow yourself as a parent to find your identity in your career. By allowing your job to define who you are you unintentionally prioritize things like career, work, and business tasks over your FAMILY. In this situation when it would normally be time to take your son to the playground to talk to him and push him on the swing you find yourself checking your stock portfolio or emails on your Iphone and trying to push the swing at the same time.

I AM GUILTY of spending time with my son but holding the phone in my hand and it is horrible! He makes sure that he speaks up about it too……. However apart of my weekend I CHOSE to sincerely hang with my son and give him my FULL ATTENTION…..

Shopping and Cookout (s ) WILL HAVE anyone TIRED! However, time with friends are always a blessing………….. I had more fun today than he did im sure..

My son felt he had to stop at American Eagle to buy new outfits for “the day” so why are we in shoes stores? He had no answer but just kept “looking” at shoes!

His view was that he did not want to buy anything in the shoe store just look around…. Yes he is a good kid but as parents, we still must maintain standards!

Nonetheless, it was a great time for me to keep the phone in the purse – the whole time unless it rang!! It actually felt good to focus TOTALLY on him!