Morning Convo –

Every week, my nephew and I have conversations on the things of Christ…. He will be 19 next month and it ASTOUNDS ME on how smart he is! God has used my nephew to get me through some of WORST times of my life! Dealing with my 19 year old twins to be very specific!

We both share the things that we want…desire…think we should have etc… and we both remind ” one another that ”  we have to remember that WE WILL HAVE WHAT “WE”  SAY! The LORD has given us HIS “Blueprint for Success”– which is The Word of GOD!

The beautiful simplicity of The Word emphasizes the importance of “meditating on THE WORD day & night…” (Joshua 1:8/Psalms 1:2-3), which results in us speaking The Word because the mouth naturally speaks based on what the heart has received!

So, let’s not speak due to our circumstances that we see on the outside. Let us boldly declare by FAITH, what we see on the inside: that our Dreams, Visions & Ideas will come to pass!