Is This What Jesus Feels Like?

I finally obtained a chance to see and talk to MY DAUGHTER!! I went to go and see her and she ran up to me like she was a 5-year-old child!! I went to see her earlier in the day and her co workers did not believe that I was her mother….they thought that I was her sister and a few others, just felt as if I was her friend! LOL

Anyway….seeing her and knowing that there “has FINALLY been a change” in her made my VERY SOUL shout out to the Lord Jesus Christ! I was and I am still so so grateful ………… my son at first was a tad bit leery because ALLLLLLLLL of the stuff he knows that she and her twin brother has put me through over the years!

I  had to tell him off to the side then AGAIN in front of his sister that we all have to forgive… and there will be many more times that we may not want to but we have to….especially when it is FAMILY. If you really look at my son’s face, his smile is very FORCED AND FAKE…. however by the time our meeting time was over…he felt so much more comfortable and was actually glad to see his big sister…. She saw as well as felt the difference but she too, understood why he was being a little distant….

I told my own mother that …is this what the Lord feels like every time one of his children ” COMES BACK HOME ” to Him! LOL I know that they talk about the prodigal son in the bible but my goodness, in this day and age – there are SEVERAL prodigal daughters as well!!! I mean like to have her hugging me….squeezing me to pieces…smiling uncontrollably….crying and saying over and over how much she misses me and needs me in her and she is sorry – ….. YEAH – that is some of the same stuff that we as Christians say to the Lord when we know that we have messed up and know that we cannot go on productively without Him!

Nonetheless, OF COURSE I had my arms open to her and expressed not only how much I loved her but how she needs to have Jesus in her life. I had to tell her that it was God that told me to make a detour and come and see her and I am glad that I obeyed. The Lord had indeed softened my heart again towards her and it was  ONLY God that could have done it.. She smiled and became teary eyed again and said that she knew it was God. We prayed….talked…laughed….re -connected and vowed to work on our relationship WITH GOD IN THE MIDDLE of it.




Bitter / Sweet Olympic Moment –

I personally feel that it is indeed a CRYING SHAME that people around the world…near and far could not “tame their rude and racial” comments towards this LITTLE GIRL.

It is amazing how she is only 16, she is the youngest to win gold, the first african american to win gold, the first black to win gold, the youngest olympian winning gold – and people STILL found something negative to talk about!

While people are talking about Gabby’s hair…her and her mother is cashing in on checks, tv appearances, marketing deals, making history, publicity for all of her FUTURE projects, taking photos to be featured on Kellogg’s and Wheaties boxes, being happy, sponsorships, free college scholarships and being nationally known for something POSITIVE!

Either the world is genuinely getting worse and they are that rude and evil IN SPITE of the positivity that they see and hear or it is indeed because she is black. PICK ONE ALREADY!

A big kuddos to her family for supporting her dreams at a very early age and being there for her in spite of what it took to achieve her dreams! For two years, her mother allowed her to live in another state so that she could have a better opportunity to be in London and it paid off!

Nonetheless, whether she is black, poke a dot, indian, asian, red, yellow, green or blue…NO ONE CAN TAKE AWAY what she earned truly in front of the WORLD!


God’s Rainbow –


Sometimes life can be overwhelming. For those times … you need a little Rainbow Faith.

The Rainbow ~ a symbol of one of God’s many promises / Faith is indeed ~ the courage to trust in His promises.

Most importantly, the rainbow in Noah is a sign of God’s covenant with humanity: “I now establish my covenant with you and your offspring to come, and with every living thing … Never again shall there be a flood to destroy the earth” (Genesis 9:8-11).

We tend to forget that this covenant was established not only between God and Noah, but with all future generations. We, as God’s creations, are required to do our part to keep the covenant alive and to work for a better, more peaceful world.

Regrettably, peace does not appear as spontaneously as a colorful bow in the sky follows the rain. Individuals and governments must constantly strive to achieve it. And when peace happens, its presence reveals itself less tellingly in headlines, treaties and handshakes than in small, everyday events that signify a return to normalcy.


Helping Self...

Understanding Healing


A hint for a happier journey: A healer for the hurting! As we go through life, we cannot avoid the sorrow of loss. Because those we love may leave us, our hearts hurt deeply, and healing can be difficult to find. But there is healing for those who seek it.

The Scriptures tell us that Jesus was wounded for us so we could find restoration and healing in him. And though it is a spiritual mystery, we can experience healing that comes through his sacrifice.

What a relief that we don’t have to just cope with our hurting hearts! We have one who walks beside us, who leads us in the path of healing……….A hint for a happier journey……….Yes, you can ride out your storm.

God said “If you never felt pain, how would you know I am a healer. If you never felt sadness, how would you know I am a comforter?” God is all and more than we can ask for or even phantom…Give it all to him today!!! he is calling you!!!

Inspiration –

One of the greatest life’s lessons worth learning is the ability to maneuver between seasons. Being able to identify and predict what season is coming next. There are many seasons and times for everything you must be able to not only identify them but predict which season is near approaching so that you can act accordingly.
Your success or failure is predicated on your ability to know the difference. If you can learn this lesson, being watchful and be able to act then life will get easier.
You must always love yourself enough to demand respect from others.

You must always love yourself enough to recognize when someone does not love you

You must always love yourself enough to rise from any set back, disappointment, painful event or mistake. Love yourself no matter what…. With God, know that you You are greater than you imagine.


Friday Fight –

Seriously, when people obtain a major (LIFE) breakthrough… they surely see that God is so good. In the battle against Satan, I’ve learned that we must surround ourselves with (supporters), (encouragers) and (defenders). The mindset to win (must) be one of prayer, timed strategy and determination…Spiritual warfare effects physical outcomes…
Never let your awareness sensitivity guard down. Always be in (fight ready) mode…
Never quit against Satan’s super-chess game. In other words, if you believe God gave or promised you something…
Don’t fear, just take it!!!! Keep Fighting because the battle is already won…and it’s yours!