Dear Mr and Miss Know It All –

Work Hard , Party a Whole Lot Harder “The best way to solve any problem is to remove its cause.”“If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude. Don’t complain. The strongest confidence is quiet, inner confidence.

The surest sign of inherent weakness and lack of confidence is the need to boast….. Also, who are you to judge the life that others live?  No one I know is perfect but as a Christian, you should at least try and live to be.  Nonetheless,  before you start pointing fingers  make sure your hands are clean, because there is a lot of blood to go around and leave plenty of hands dirty.

Please don’t continue to sit down and wait for the opportunities to come……Get up and make them because the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was making THIS world believe he doesn’t exist!!!

REALLY Take the Time to Get to KNOW YOURSELF, Might Look too hard and Not Like the YOU that YOU Don’t KNOW!

Dont cry about what u dont have… nobody in this world is going to just give u anything… so use the brain god gave and figure out a way to go get it yourself.