Keep It Coming!

Well again…… this is yet ANOTHER day that The Lord has made….and I will ….I shall… and I DID REJOICE and was glad in it! LOL

Spending time with my daughter today after church today was indeed another lovely gift that The Lord allowed me to have……. it is weird seeing that she seems to be more excited to see me than I am… NO! Don’t get me wrong…. OF COURSE I am happy to see her but she smiles so much, giggles so much, hug me so much, talks so much, laughs so much that I have to almost be like…. Let me breath for a second!

However, God is literally walking me through every conversation and each fellowship time with her….. praying is a MUST in the beginning of our encounter as well as our departure from one another. So far…so good I tell you!! It is like I feel like I have to REMIND her of how things have to be if we are going to move forward effectively….what is acceptable and what is not acceptable etc…

Some things I say to her that I knew in the past would set her off, just to see IF SHE HAS GROWN in those certain areas…. Well my Lord, she has! She sits and listens… says yes maa’m and no maa’m and ask questions about being an adult as well as the THINGS OF GOD! >> insert my huge happy face and dance right here >>> ______________________

My son was just as happy!!! Trust me, the Lord has already indeed dealt with me about “continuously” testing her… He adds the increase as long as I do my part and stay out of HIS WAY! #coolbeans