Mental Random –

I have scars… some people love me….some people dont “surfacelly” like me……some people don’t understand me..some may even “for no good cause” hate me…

In my life – I have done good… I have done bad.. I have done great……I stopped pretending being someone I am not at least 10 years ago… because in all honesty , I am who I am because I understand and love who I am..

I am mostly random but never crazy….. you don’t have to LIKE me but to get into The Kingdom – you do have to love me…. I will change when it may be needed but not just because people who have more opinions than compassion think so!

When I love…I love… know that it is real and with no strings ATTACHED

P.S. I make NO apologies for who I AM but I will make apologies for maybe for who I once was – nonetheless – I am glad that I had such an interesting past because I knew that ONLY Christ could clean me up!

If I would have accepted all of the invitations to let people clean me up and change me so that I could dance to THEIR drum on beat as well as on queue – eventually I would have realized that it was indeed a circus and I was listening to the WRONG master!

After a while, even animals understand that it is not man that should control their lives – but more so the person that GAVE THEM LIFE – which is God.


Changing Your Thoughts –

Make your work more powerful than your worry. Your thoughts have magnetic power. Take charge of your mind and your thinking, and you will attract the experiences that you want in your life through effort, commitment, and grace.
Focus on your destiny, and ignore the distractions of life that are all around you. Continue to fall forward. Continue to ask, seek, knock, and BE UNSTOPPABLE. Success is in your DNA.
Whatever you are seeking…it is seeking you! Embrace this day with a spirit of positive expectation as you move forward in pursuit of your dreams.
Go forward knowing that what you want already exists, and is waiting for you to get in alignment so that it can reveal itself to you. Say to yourself…I will persist until I succeed….and DON”T GIVE UP!