Mental Random –

I have scars… some people love me….some people dont “surfacelly” like me……some people don’t understand me..some may even “for no good cause” hate me…

In my life – I have done good… I have done bad.. I have done great……I stopped pretending being someone I am not at least 10 years ago… because in all honesty , I am who I am because I understand and love who I am..

I am mostly random but never crazy….. you don’t have to LIKE me but to get into The Kingdom – you do have to love me…. I will change when it may be needed but not just because people who have more opinions than compassion think so!

When I love…I love… know that it is real and with no strings ATTACHED

P.S. I make NO apologies for who I AM but I will make apologies for maybe for who I once was – nonetheless – I am glad that I had such an interesting past because I knew that ONLY Christ could clean me up!

If I would have accepted all of the invitations to let people clean me up and change me so that I could dance to THEIR drum on beat as well as on queue – eventually I would have realized that it was indeed a circus and I was listening to the WRONG master!

After a while, even animals understand that it is not man that should control their lives – but more so the person that GAVE THEM LIFE – which is God.


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