Being A Mom –

There is NO  WAY to become a perfect mother / parent or a perfect child….

Each understanding of how a relationship should be is not the same

Each situation is unique

Each mother is different

Each child is different

Each has their own skills and abilities

Each viewpoint can sometimes be too big or too small

Raising kids has no shades of grey to it because we all want the best for our families….

However in the end – it is the unconditional LOVE that is shown towards one another



Maybe It’s ME –

There is just something very AWKWARD about this photo and what it is suppose to mean! LOL – What does this interesting pose stand for in this photo? It makes me take a pause-

Okay I know that 2012 means that this is the CURRENT year that we are living in …… but what message are they trying to convey exactly and who is their target audiences? (not me)

Okay I do get that the African American man on the right is the current president of the United States and the Caucasion/ Anglo Saxon  man on the left is the current Vice President of the United States. ugghh –

What I do not get is why they are both standing together with the year 2012 above their heads!

LOL – Are they both trying to say that they are the BEST choice for this country in November?

UGGGHHHH – compared to Mitt Romney and his new running mate, Paul Ryan…..I guess that this photo does represent a SEMI – CHANCE of a normal life. Sad thing is that on the Democratic side, there were NO other options because no one else stepped up to run against President Obama…..

It is just very strange because any and everyone has had complaints on how he has run this country but no one came forward to try to make a difference on the Democratic side….

Sure, I do know that running a campaign at this stature can be a strain and cause a very substaintial pinch in a candidates personal finances – however there are some that had the finances but obviously felt that it “was not worth it” at this point in time to challenge him and his “colorful policies”…… ( can someone help me send SMOKE SIGNALS ) because this country is in dire need of help in all aspects of the forum.

ugghhh- Now tell me again why we cannot change legislation to allow a president to be voted in for a 3rd term if THE PEOPLE elect him or her?  Also, does anyone know how to contact former Congressman J.C.Watts, Governor Christie and former New York City Mayor Guliani?

Dear ( ME )

Morning Stretch-

Be Strong, there is a process; just go through the process… I have decided to allow the promises of God to always  encourage me…Lord GOD , I am strong, and as long as I have you on my side and you are covering me I CAN GO THROUGH THE PROCESS….
I asked the Lord one day for direction…. and He showed me the way that I must go.
And now that the Lord has appointed me, I’m so very glad He anointed me, the anointing makes a difference in my life!
God always does what He says but it is ” I ” who sometimes wander off due to not knowing all of the details like “who, what, when, how and especially how”…. 
Thanking God that in that area I am better now!