A Great Tip!

This is an AMAZING tip for Christian Singles!!! ( actually anyone ) but if they do not understand nor believe in God granting …blessing….connecting you with the God given mate rather than just “the right mate”…. this may NOT be for them!

I have watched movies and then fell all super duper in love with “the thought” of LOVE! Movies like P.S. I Love You had me crying for like a month and then made me fall totally head over heels in love with actor Gerard Butler

You know, the main star who played in the Roman movie called 300 with his favorite phrase >>> THIS IS SPARTA!! LOL ( love it )


I ” all of a sudden ” had an interest in going to Ireland! LOL What am I doing going to Ireland!!!LOL How many black Irishmen / Irishwomen do you know or? Okay, maybe 2 huh!!?? LOL

Welp, God helped me really quick because he allowed me to see another movie that the star played in called The Ugly Truth as well as seeing him go from woman to woman in the Hollywood lifestyle! Geesh, I woke up really quick!!!!  LOL


A Beautiful Tear Jerker –

Ever since Whitney Houston came out with music and I started investing my money into buying her albums like many others!

I listened to her in some form or fashion on a monthly basis since High School like many others!

When she started her personal journey via marriage, I was concerned and prayed like many others!

When she would do suprise guest appearances on award shows, I would get so excited just to obtain a glimpse of her like many others!

When I was out on a Saturday night with my oldest son and he was looking at his facebook account on his phone he saw the bad news like many others!

I was going through the drive thu window and had to stop and pull over and began to cry like many others!

That whole weekend and up until her funeral / homegoing I was STILL in shock like many others!

When her personal struggles came into play, I was concerned and prayed like many others!

Finding out that her mother Cissy Houston decided to share her homegoing services on live television made me so happy like many others!

I still think of her often and still play her music like many others!

I miss her and pray that “she made it in” like many others!

I often wonder about her daughter and mother especially during times when nobody comes around like many others!

Now that her new movie SPARKLE is about the debut and she will not be amongst the stars on the red carpet, I am thinking that it will be a little sad like many others!

I am grateful that God allowed Whitney Houston to know Him and establish a relationship with Him like many others!

I am just wishing that her life did not end in tragedy like many others!

Like many others, I loved her


My PERSONAL Morning Nugget!

Love this preacher! I appreciate how God uses ANYTHING and ANYONE to bless you mentally, physically, financially, emotionally, spiritually, socially etc..etc..etc..etc..

God is just….hmmpphhh >>EVERYTHING……”to me”


A “tiny” Little RANT

No longer am I making myself accessible to EVERYONE at any given moment. I will HANDLE people only as God leads…. God has blessed me to network……rub elbows…..break bread…minister with… humbly minister to a few big name folk and BALANCE has became “my new thing” over the last few months.

Balance sounds cool but that is all it is until you indeed actually practice it!! LOL  I promise you that everybody in the church does not have access to T.D. Jakes, Juanita Bynum, Paula White, Joyce Meyers or anyone else at that level.

I DO NOT HAVE TO HAVE a national platform to maintain my personal space – I do a lot and I certainly give a lot of myself TO PEOPLE all hours of the day and night and when it comes to MINISTRY – I realize that ministry does not wear you down and kill you but it is the people’s issues and problems that ” we choose to take on”……

National leaders take breaks and certainly have a line that they do not allow everyone to cross and it is just plumb craaaaaaaazzzzzzzzyyyyy to me that people want to STALK you and make them your friend when they find out who you know.

Trust me people like Joel Osteen, preach, teach and impart and if the people don’t get delivered after all of that then that’s between them and God. What I have seen and discovered is that the local church will kill you or TRY TO RUN YOU RAGGED! I have seen too many preachers die at an early age. I refuse to be weighed down by a repeated cycle of telling people the same thing on the phone that I have said in services or what God has given me to tell them but they refuse to obey God.

Leaders have to prepare for where God is taking you. I’m in a different place, God has shifted some things in my life. My suggestion is for people to really seek God and pray for every appointment…connection…networking opportunity etc. because EVERYTHING is not God telling you GO or DO or SAY!!! So instead of blaming others, I will blame myself – and making better / wiser / healthier choices is my goal!

I am “so new and grateful to be made WHOLE again”……I love the people of God, REGARDLESS in they are in the church or out the church…….. but you “‘ain’t” killing me!!!

okay i’m done!!!!!!!!!!!