A Beautiful Tear Jerker –

Ever since Whitney Houston came out with music and I started investing my money into buying her albums like many others!

I listened to her in some form or fashion on a monthly basis since High School like many others!

When she started her personal journey via marriage, I was concerned and prayed like many others!

When she would do suprise guest appearances on award shows, I would get so excited just to obtain a glimpse of her like many others!

When I was out on a Saturday night with my oldest son and he was looking at his facebook account on his phone he saw the bad news like many others!

I was going through the drive thu window and had to stop and pull over and began to cry like many others!

That whole weekend and up until her funeral / homegoing I was STILL in shock like many others!

When her personal struggles came into play, I was concerned and prayed like many others!

Finding out that her mother Cissy Houston decided to share her homegoing services on live television made me so happy like many others!

I still think of her often and still play her music like many others!

I miss her and pray that “she made it in” like many others!

I often wonder about her daughter and mother especially during times when nobody comes around like many others!

Now that her new movie SPARKLE is about the debut and she will not be amongst the stars on the red carpet, I am thinking that it will be a little sad like many others!

I am grateful that God allowed Whitney Houston to know Him and establish a relationship with Him like many others!

I am just wishing that her life did not end in tragedy like many others!

Like many others, I loved her