Another Parenting Thought……

Many individuals claim that being a single parent is difficult, as if being a  parent would somehow be easier if there were a second person around to “lighten”  the load.  I wonder how much of this is actually true, and how much is a figment  of our imagination?  I’ve been a single parent for a while now, and I find it to  be a blessing.  My son “NOW – mostly” doesn’t seem to mind one way or the other.  Do not get me wrong, we have had PLENTY of moments of him saying, I want us to get married, are guys scared to say hi to you? That used to be cute, then scary, then sad……I had to say wow – I guess I really stopped noticing what “their hang – up” may have been because we are both so busy.

He does wish that his biological father or even my future husband would appear from out the sky and POOF be all that they should be for him! LOL  The reality that I’ve come to is that to my son, all of his life, it did not matter TO ME but to him I did not want to be stingy with his time and his heart.  He’s cool with whatever.  He simply wants to  play, learn, and be loved. Anything else that we as adults claim that children  need seems to me to be our opinion, rather than some sort of rule.

It’s a complete and total blessing for me to be raising my 10 year old little man by myself  right now. It is a great deal of constant work with never getting a break but he did not ask to be here and I SURELY LOVE HIM so…….  The fact that being a single parent should be construed as something  negative is simply something that I won’t buy into.

I believe that we become  what we think about, and if I think about what a burden being a single parent  is, it will become just that…a burden.  So I choose to think about how blessed  I am, and guess what?  I feel the entire situation is a blessing…… at least MOST days I do!!! LOL