Helping Self...


Process are steps that we need to take to get to the goal….

After the prophetic word is spoken¬†about your life…. your fall out…you cry…you run around the church maybe 3 times and almost fall asleep on the altar because your body is so tired but your spirit is overjoyed¬†that you loose energy.

Nonetheless, after all of the spiritual carnival activities – you have to GET UP and keep living! Truth is that there will always be situations adn fire storms that seem to pop up from nowhere but prayer will keep you ready and give you the strength that YOU WILL NEED to endure it!

Now what are you going to do? Just because you have obtained victory does NOT mean that you have an opportunity to STOP or even take a break. You cannot because while YOU are on your break your enemy is utilizing the time that you are resting on to add more damage to your life.

Gather yourself mentally ……maintain a stance of preparation and surround yourself with Godly counsel because no matter how strong you think that you are….. no one can do this walk of Christ alone!