The Art of Forgiving –

If you want to feel free, released from the past  then you must forgive. Forgive everyone, especially yourself. I know how difficult it is to overcome our natural and very human feelings of anger, guilt, resentment and fear. The basis of them can seem and may well be completely justified, you may be completely right to have these emotions and it is OK to experience them.

I have blogged about my twin teenagers SEVERAL times not so much documenting on the HORRID things they have done towards me over the years but I have given “interesting and colorful” examples of their behavior! I know from TRUE EXPERIENCE about “feeling justified” why you should not only BE UPSET but more so STAY UPSET.

However, these emotions damage your ability to move on, you must accept your emotions but then be prepared to let them go. To release yourself, you must forgive. Until you do you will remain the victim with your life locked into all those negative emotions.

Remember, life is in the now, the past is already finished and dead and cannot be changed. Nothing you can do now, can ever change the past, yet it is amazing how many people squander their emotional and life energy, consumed with anger or guilt about the past.

In this moment now, you have your power, the power to make your choices, take your action, to make a difference. You have no power in the past and you have no assurance of power in the future.

LONG STORY SHORT – I was able to forgive and re – connect with my 19 year old daughter and we are moving forward, staying positive, speaking faith, trusting God and loving life again but this time around……” TOGETHER ”

God is indeed AMAZING!