I ……..


I am a Woman of Value I am here for a reason. 

 I listen to God so that I know my purpose. 

 I am a Woman that can be trusted.

I have silent power, I have the power of influence.

I have the power of God, I am Still here.

No matter what the storm, I overcome it. I expect things to get better, Things are changing for me, because I am changing me.  

 I am a Woman of vision and virtue I am a Woman of passion and purpose I am a Woman of commitment and character I am a Woman of anointing and authority

 I am a Woman of submission and stability I am a Woman of mission and the ministry.  

 I mean something to myself and my God, whether anyone else sees and recognizes it or not.  When you let me down, God holds my hand. 

 I am soft yet firm as a Rock.  I open my hands to show mercy and close it for war.  I teach my hands for war and my fingers for the battle. 

As Women you can freely decree:  I am mother, sister, confidant, friend, girlfriend, business partner, prayer partner, wife widow, auntie and/or big mama.

 I am woman, watch me pray, watch me stand, watch me overcome, watch me win.  

God has empowered me and equipped me with tools to fight my adversary the devil, I will bruise his head even if he does bruise my heal, I am a winner, I am a warrior princess, I am my Daddy’s girl, I am a Woman.

So EVEN WHEN the things of Life try to weigh me down, I feel Life is STILL Incrediblle!!!!


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