Trip To The Dentist –

What kid gives their mom all of their money in their PIGGY BANK to make sure that they can go in ALONE at the dentist??? I told my son to take my photo in the dentist office for proof! LOL

I mean really…. my 10 1/2 year old little man is starting to want to do amolst EVERYTHING on his own –  The deal is that I can come back there if the dentist comes out to get me for something but other than that, I am not permitted back there. GEESH – really pumpkin! LOL

Okay!! So I will sit here patiently and wait for him to come out – can you dig it, that my son also even asked HIMSELF to get braces!! Now, I do understand it to a certain degree because he has a CRAZY MIXTURE of teeth like his father and his uncle! LOL I guess he is being smart about it and want to get his teeth in tact before he gets to the age or grade that kids “may pick” or tease him.

Kids are crazzzzzzy mean these days and I do not want to have to get the police called on me from jacking up a kid at school! ( only teasing BUT I surely will call the police on a kid, with no regrets ) Okay, I did not listen to him because I wanted to see what they were doing via checking his teeth for braces!


I think that I was busted – but not sure……. he did not scream out MOM!!!! Okay – still waiting for the dentist to come in and hopefully he can get everything done within the next few weeks!

What is he doing???????? Only boys I guess do these types of things –

LOL, the dentist came in and as you can see, I AM BUSTED! LOL – I lost the bet but he was not pset with me… His exact words were, Mom, I knew you would sneak back there because you dont want anyone to do anything to me!!

LOL……….. “THAT’S MY BOY” and he knows his mother well!


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