God, Music and Me

I listen to this cd everyday and the music goes through me and MAKES me recall so many things that I have ALREADY gone through and how GOD has always been there for me!

Life is certainly interesting when you are trying to live for Christ and stand on His word ( Holy Scripture )……..

It is a battle to always do the right thing and I am talking about the big or obvious things….the little / tiny things like what we are thinking…let alone saying under our breath!

He is indeed the Son of The Living God and when no one is looking or listening HE ALWAYS IS!!! It is what is done, said, felt, thought of in our secret places is what really counts!

Whew – Lord am I grateful for YOU..


Recognize It….

Regardless if it is men on men …..female on female …..male on female or female on male –

October is The National Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Just stop it….#that’sall 

Helping Self...

Awww Some More Therapy……

Songs in this Genre makes doing paperwork very relaxing and I can seem to get a great deal done….. Besides, who would not love this type of music!

I know everyone has their own taste but I have a very distinctive ear to some great bands and I have loved this song when it first came out in July of this year,….

Country – Pop is what I call this type of music and with the 2012 Olympics using his song just broadened his Horizons and his bank account! LOL

Seriously, whatever style of music you are used to listening to, why NOT venture out? Therapy = music to me!

Helping Self...

Good Song –

My son and I have the same taste in music when we are not listening to Gospel music and this song is pretty cool.

Music is therapy for us both and this song seems to make him SMILE……and the more that I listen to it and watch this video I see why he likes it.

We always go to the lyrics of a song to see what the song is REALLY ABOUT because it has to be about more than “a beat”….. words have meaning and what we place in our spirits is important! Glad he understands that…