Helping Self...

My Monday Random –

It’s very easy for us to come up with reasons why we should not ask God for things in prayer. As Christians, we should seek the will of God in all things. Perhaps we should only pray for God’s will and nothing else, for what if what we ask for is contrary to His will?

If is is not God’s will, we should not want it, for it cannot be good. In fact, what is the point in asking for anything? If He wants to give it to us, He will. We cannot change God’s mind or affect His will in any way.

Asking God for things we need is closely associated with humility. God wants us to accomplish great things for His glory and for the Kingdom.

If we decide to do this on our own, we may very well do some good work, but it will be nothing compared to what we can accomplish if we permit God’s Spirit to work through us. Pride is a problem for many of us and it gets in the way whenever we think, “I don’t want help. I want to do this on my own.

” If this is our attitude, God obliges us and leaves us to our own destiny. However, if we can overcome our pride, submit to God and ask for His help, much greater things can be accomplished.

Helping Self...

Encouragement –


There are no short cuts to God, nor to His Kingdom. You must humble yourself to the Way, walk in the Door, and accept the righteousness of Jesus Christ. If you attempt to go to the Father and His Kingdom, by or through any other means, you are nothing more than a liar and a thief. We Honor God when we respect His order.
The battle that is constantly going on in the spirit is not about us. The devil lost, so he wants you to lose. But we don’t have to fall for any trick or treat(delusion or fleshly desire) that the enemy has put in our path. God has and will always make a way to escape. So sometimes standing looks like running and running is the best way to stand.