Marriage Message

I have soo soo many….. Ooopps! I meant to say that I have way TOOO TOOO many girl pals who have a bucket load of marital issues and never seem to be able to obtain the counseling that they need WITHIN the church that they belong to.
Or even the couples who are dating and may be thinking of marriage have TONS of complaints of not being able to TRUST the leadership within their church to discuss their issues…. Of course MY MIND SET is .. ” why why in the WORLD are you attending and apart of that church”……… it is 2012 and to be STUCK in that area is just plumb crazy…
We are so busy building titles, offices and gifts that we forget about the title Mr. and Mrs. and the office of marriage and the gift of sex. Its time to start praying intimacy back into the marriage if we want to overcome divorce, adultery and homosexuality. Let’s keep it real people and stop acting like these things are impossible maybe you want go cheat but your spouse will. Close the doors that have been open for the enemy.
The church is scared or untrained to deal with the WHOLE MATTER at heart…. either way – things need to be re – evaluated and re adjusted so that families have a chance to SUSTAIN themselves within this crazy world that we live in.
Okay I am done….. for now