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Day 291 Question 291

Loved this! Very…………………………INTERESTING I may add!

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Day 291 Question 291:

If you choose not to vote, does that mean you should not be able to voice your opinions regarding politics?

I am not going to lie.  This is my forum to no lie in.  I am contemplating whether or not to vote when this election day comes along.  I have been barked at by many being told that it is my civic duty and if I don’t vote then I have no say in government.  Do I really have a say now?  And regardless of what other people think, if I want to voice my opinion I am going to do it. If I am have the ability to speak then I am most certainly going to do it because I don’t have a barcode on my body.  The government may try to control me but regardless I am a human being.  I think the United…

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