One of My Favorites!

Although the song is more so focused towards a relationship and we all have had some type of relationship in our lives that had went terribly super duper sour……. However with this song as well as the lyrics – my mind started to float a totally different way! LOL

I have thought of this song in regards to fixing my FAMILY’S ISSUES –  Via my brothers and sisters…from the oldest to the youngest, GEESH!! I swear that everyone is SO DIFFERENT that I wonder if all will be HEAVEN sent again!! Yes, and I even ask God to FIX ME as well…

This song is really heart felt and simply beautiful and one of my favorites. ( I love Coldplay )

HOWEVER, no one can ” FIX YOU ” but Christ…. and even God does not force us to be a certain way – HE allows us to choose to be!! Just as the simply put lyrics stated…. ” Lights will guide you home ” and Jesus is indeed The Ultimate Light…  So don’t lose your way!

#Godrocks  #GodISLove