Baptisms Are A Blessing –

My daughter was getting ready to get baptized and we wer ALL so super exited…..

Of course, we cannot leave out her twin brother as well…. I recall this day like it was yesterday

I feel that everyone should get baptized at least 4 times in their lives…. TO ME, it just makes more sense because each session has its OWN INDIVIDUAL MEANING..

When a child gets Christianed – that is the parents way of giving their child back to God and the child is usually no older than 2 months old.

Then you figure when the kids are between the ages of 5 to 12 again it is the parents way of trying to rear and guide their children since they are NOW OF AGE and ” somewhat ” have an understanding of what it is to live for Christ.

Then between the ages of  14 to 18 the parent almost scares the kids into holiness or hell and the teenagers want to get baptized out of mostly fear instead of understanding / being taught the wrath of God as well as the LOVE of God. Parents are so afraid that their kids will become rebellious, sexual, tap into drugs etc..etc. but fear only works on a temporary basis!

Then when a person becomes an adult and they realized that THEY need to take the right steps without “mommy or daddy ” coaching them into doing what is right. Because, we love our kids but they certainly have to CHOOSE and make this decision on their own!

Again – this way makes sense TO ME –