So Glad 4 the Rain…

Welp my baby had practice and there is a Steeler game that someone had given us tcikets to….. I do NOT do the rain….. and now I am trying to find two people to give these tickets to because I am so not going to be sitting in a stadium voting for a team that I dont really care for anyway… Oh by the way did I mention that the temperature is already in the midst of dropping as I type this right now? Cold weather does not bless my life at all! LOL

HOWEVER……place Ray Lewis from  our team… The Baltimore Ravens on the field and we will get drenched in the rain! LOL

Go RAVENS!! My son really does not want to sit in the rain as welll but of course HIS REPLY WAS, Mommy….. we can sit in the box with your friend! Ugghhh he is soo spoiled and BOX or NO BOX…. No game tonight…. He may not know it yet but we are going to church!! LOL

This face has been told NO 3 times today!!!! Surely he ^^^^^^^^^does not know what is going on!! LOL  God knows that he will live and be alright!!

Maybe it is my fault… I did get him season tickets for The Pittsburgh Pirates for the last 5 years and the last year we also sat in boxed in sections…He is spoiled… so I will take the blame!