The 3 Amigos

Hanging out with my TWO FAVORITE GIRLS always keep me in a good  mind space….. just spending time – talking  – lauging – eating is a source of STRENGTH for each of us and I could not be more happier….. I even act super silly sometimes which STILL throws  my sister off because she is so used to be only being 100000% super serious like all of the time! LOL

Family does not always mean the individuals that share the same blood line as you – However, I am glad that my mommy cakes and my sister happen to be blood line family members that I call friends. I have a great deal of girl pals that do not have relationships with either their mothers or fathers and sometimes even both parents!

I cannot IMAGINE how that would feel at all because the estranged relationships that I have with a few of my siblings do not feel too good, so not having a good rapport with a parent would mostl likely KNOCK THE WIND out of me……

We are indeed The 3 Amigos….. they are MY friends…. MY compadres….MY accountability partners….my partners in crime ( good crime ) LOL and of course that it takes a PIONEER to ” keep it all together ” and that is Mommy Cakes – boy she is a STRONG WHIPPER SNAPPER and is amazing! Her INNER STRENGTH is just breath taking and to be honest, She isnt bad on the eyes either I tell ya!!!