“mustard seed” things….


FAITH is like lights that you CANNOT see but you know that they are there to guide you. You may not see them REGARDLESS how bright they are shining and how beautiful they can be, after a little while, you know that you will no longer be in the dark of your crimcumstances……..You know that you can fall but their is a SOURCE that will catch you………….. You do not personally know the answer to your questions / problems but you understand that there is someone who can fix what it is that you need…………. You do not have enough resources to obtain what you need but there is always a way being made for you………… You may be lost and unsure of what direction you are to take but in the end, you know that if you stay on course – you will get to your assigned destination…..





Better relationships >>>> Starting with CHRIST

New hope for change / growth

A new you

Start over NOW so that you can live NOW


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