Memories –

This was indeed very beautiful……. I  mean im not a huge Usher fan but this performance on the special pre Grammy Award show “just for” the lovely and talented Miss Whitney Houston…. then of course you had to have someone AMAZING like Celine Dion to come on and sing us to tears sounding like a an Angel and her rendition of Whitney Houston…… was ummmm…. TRAGICALLY AWESOME!! Whew….

God never makes mistakes but I will say that it would be nice if she was STILL here and healthy mind – body – soul and spirit…….

She died a day before my birthday and growing up listening to her and having all of her albums made her feel as if she was like a big sister that I listened to, watched on television but just never met because “she lived far away”…….it is amazing how music can connect you to things and people! Love your family – friends like they ARE indeed dying because that MAY be the only way that you can really appreciate them like “you should”