Dear ( ME )

Little Birdies –

I am glad that I can go to bed now….. Sunday Night Football is always so so exciting!  Yes, even without the great Ray Lewis…..My beautiful  birds( RAVENS ) did what they were supposed to do tonight – beat the Pittsburgh Steelers! I understand that the black and gold felt as if they could come out with a win because they had a home game but I am so sorry!

It was almost like how Mitt Romney felt as if that he was going to win and DID NOT write a speech in case if he lost… Well – the Pittsburgh Steelers need to respect the birds! LOL

FINAL SCORE Baltimore Ravens 13 and The Pittsburgh Steelers 10…. Steelers, until we meet again in 2 weeks! Peace out-


Nothing is 100% Copyrighted – Original

anyone want the orig?

I beleive everyone and eveything has SOME PARTS that are not original…. I mean you figure even if you dont want to beleive it that is fine but just think about this for a second… It is like a huge tree that has been planted but the branches seem to take on their own lives and identities. ONLY 1 person can claim the originality of planting that tree – the foundation but once the tree starts to grow – and each branch grows differently and even looks differently. Just dont be a CARBON COPY of someone else and I feel that you may end up living a great life…..

Ummm,  ASK YOURSELF these questions and when you are done- just know that there is something in your life / about your life that “assisted you ” in making this decisions!

Why do you follow the religion that you do?

Why do live where you live?

Why do you socialize where you do?

Why did you choose the school you attending?

Why are you married to your mate?

Why do you raise your kids the way that you do?

Why do you….. umm yeah…. Why do you……do almost anything that you do?

You copied something that you saw – does that make it BAD? No, but just to prove a TINY little point that we all copy a variety things in life – Point is NOT to copy EVERY little thing. Please MAKE ROOM / LEAVE ROOM for “some originality” of & for yourself!


Consumer Products!

Okay…. I blogged about certain foods that I have eaten but NEVER regular consumer products like Im about to do… Okay take my word for it because im blogging about it! LOL ( if my opinion matters today ) Starting with mouthwash….. This will make you feel as if you went to the dentist and obtained a full cleaning! Now you must floss as well and brush with a medium to hard toothbrush… Try it – trust me! Your teeth will feel amazing! LOL

Now moving onto smell goods for the house….. Okay like I WILL BE THE FIRST TO ADMIT that I am not in control of myself when I walk into Target and place myself in household supplies….. Febreeze just simply blesses my nostrils and MENTALLY makes me feel better! This scent is a must have within your household…..spray your house – spray your couches – spray your linens and be blessed!!! LOL

Okay next… YOUR HAIR! Listen, I still cant believe that I am being a strong consumer for this hair product because I have always hated it!! I saw it on sale yesterday and it was the PACKAGING that got me and I went ahead with my purchase…. Now the shampoo is not so bad, I was very shocked by how it made my hair feel…but >>>>> drum roll please….. THE CONDITIONER MADE WITH MILK .. blessed my life! LOL My scalp got married to this product and divorce is NOT an option!!! My hair feels SOOOO CRAZY SOFT like I have baby lotion in it and it also detangles your hair too!

Now to go from hair products to cleaning products may be just a tad bit werid but hey!! I am being just a normal CONSUMER right now… but I love to clean… LOL Not using dishwashers even though I do have one but washing dishes by hand is what I do prefer… Even down to mops… I rather get on my hands and knees and clean all of the cracks in the corners….

and this is why I now  use this NEW Mr Clean product with Febreeze added to it.. It smells amazing and leaves the area that you have cleaned smelling great for LIKE 3 DAYS!!!! YES, Now you see why I had to write about these products! LOL


Sunday Visits

It is a wonder that I FINALLY allowed my son to even play video games because he is acting like he cannot live without them now. He is 10 1/2 and was ONLY PERMITTED to start playing video games on Christmas Day last year 2011 and he has not been the same since! LOL Last year he obtained 36 gifts in total from friends and family – God knows that he needs NO MORE than 3 gifts this year……. He is grateful but he is only 10 and I DO NOT WANT ANY MONTERS…..

Food, Fun and Fellowship is a POWERHOUSE of a triple threat if they are all good for you! The right food will keep the weight off of me……the right fun will keep me balanced and not SO SERIOUS all the time and the right fellowship is all about being with – around – associated with the right people!

House hopping is what I like to call it – visiting family and friends are the fun times AFTER church! GO RAVENS!!!

Dear ( ME )

Hunger Baby!

Yeah buddy, I just finished watching this – OF COURSE……. OF COURSE…. OF COURSE….. this movie has been out forever right! LOL

Yeah… I know that I was LIKE REALLY LATE, seeing this movie but I am glad that I did….. I mean the commercials that they put out did not phase me at all. However, a great deal of people stated that in most of these types of movies that there is always a huge following via book readers before the films are even made. Well, yes I do read…but I would never buy this type of Genre of book to read… Even with the TWILIGHT SAGA circus – I really have grwon to dig me some Twilight but I have NOT read any of the books or will I……

Going to the movies at least 2 times a week, I will no longer pre – judge every movie like I have been doing over the last few years….

Nonetheless, indeed I liked this movie and now I CANNOT wait until Hunger Games Part 2 comes into the movie theatre!