Consumer Products!

Okay…. I blogged about certain foods that I have eaten but NEVER regular consumer products like Im about to do… Okay take my word for it because im blogging about it! LOL ( if my opinion matters today ) Starting with mouthwash….. This will make you feel as if you went to the dentist and obtained a full cleaning! Now you must floss as well and brush with a medium to hard toothbrush… Try it – trust me! Your teeth will feel amazing! LOL

Now moving onto smell goods for the house….. Okay like I WILL BE THE FIRST TO ADMIT that I am not in control of myself when I walk into Target and place myself in household supplies….. Febreeze just simply blesses my nostrils and MENTALLY makes me feel better! This scent is a must have within your household…..spray your house – spray your couches – spray your linens and be blessed!!! LOL

Okay next… YOUR HAIR! Listen, I still cant believe that I am being a strong consumer for this hair product because I have always hated it!! I saw it on sale yesterday and it was the PACKAGING that got me and I went ahead with my purchase…. Now the shampoo is not so bad, I was very shocked by how it made my hair feel…but >>>>> drum roll please….. THE CONDITIONER MADE WITH MILK .. blessed my life! LOL My scalp got married to this product and divorce is NOT an option!!! My hair feels SOOOO CRAZY SOFT like I have baby lotion in it and it also detangles your hair too!

Now to go from hair products to cleaning products may be just a tad bit werid but hey!! I am being just a normal CONSUMER right now… but I love to clean… LOL Not using dishwashers even though I do have one but washing dishes by hand is what I do prefer… Even down to mops… I rather get on my hands and knees and clean all of the cracks in the corners….

and this is why I now  use this NEW Mr Clean product with Febreeze added to it.. It smells amazing and leaves the area that you have cleaned smelling great for LIKE 3 DAYS!!!! YES, Now you see why I had to write about these products! LOL


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