Little Birdies –

I am glad that I can go to bed now….. Sunday Night Football is always so so exciting!  Yes, even without the great Ray Lewis…..My beautiful  birds( RAVENS ) did what they were supposed to do tonight – beat the Pittsburgh Steelers! I understand that the black and gold felt as if they could come out with a win because they had a home game but I am so sorry!

It was almost like how Mitt Romney felt as if that he was going to win and DID NOT write a speech in case if he lost… Well – the Pittsburgh Steelers need to respect the birds! LOL

FINAL SCORE Baltimore Ravens 13 and The Pittsburgh Steelers 10…. Steelers, until we meet again in 2 weeks! Peace out-


3 thoughts on “Little Birdies –

  1. Phil Gayle_For Singles and Couples

    Hi Valerie,
    I used to be a Washington Red Skins fan back in the late 80s but then lost interest in American football. 😉
    The UK news had a clip in which Mitt Romney said he had a victory speech prepared…
    Oh well, lesson for us all, never underestimate your opponent.

    1. A Woman and Her Pen! Post author

      LOL – You are soo funny and right!!!! Weird thing is that football is from Europe – RUGBY and Americans call their sport football but it should be called something else. I do not know what name would replace football – does not make any sense anyway. I cant wait to visit the UK – but I cant understand why it is always deemed to be so cold and RAINY there all the time. The rain would be the downfall ……uggh.. but the history and culture would surely make up for it!


      1. Phil Gayle_For Singles and Couples

        Lol! Our game is the ‘True’ football. 😉
        If you do come to the UK, August is probably the warmest month, but yes, due to our location on the map, we do receive a lot of rain.
        Plenty of culture and history hear, just a shame that there are not enough places documenting the whole history of the country. 🙂

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