Sunday Visits

It is a wonder that I FINALLY allowed my son to even play video games because he is acting like he cannot live without them now. He is 10 1/2 and was ONLY PERMITTED to start playing video games on Christmas Day last year 2011 and he has not been the same since! LOL Last year he obtained 36 gifts in total from friends and family – God knows that he needs NO MORE than 3 gifts this year……. He is grateful but he is only 10 and I DO NOT WANT ANY MONTERS…..

Food, Fun and Fellowship is a POWERHOUSE of a triple threat if they are all good for you! The right food will keep the weight off of me……the right fun will keep me balanced and not SO SERIOUS all the time and the right fellowship is all about being with – around – associated with the right people!

House hopping is what I like to call it – visiting family and friends are the fun times AFTER church! GO RAVENS!!!