Sleeping With An Enemy –


This made me think of Samson and Delilahin the bible… She was admiring his beauty and strength BEFORE she took his power as he slept “powerless”…..

For the record….sleeping with the enemy TO ME just symbolized going to bed with sin in your heart…..your mind…your spirit…your body etc…

I am sure we have all had experiences when we make wrong choices ON PURPOSE!!!!!! Then have the nerve to ask The Lord…our friends….our family and even ourselves- What Happened!! No…I am not talking about ANYTHING sexual…we make wrong choices over tons of things everyday but Samson and Delilah just made an EASY “what NOT” to do scenario!

The choices that we make and the chances that we take can cause us to RISE OR FALL…. Samson’s power was restored by the Lord – and it was a lesson learned!

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Dear ( ME )



Being groomed by an individual is something that a great deal of people take lightly…… To be groomed by the right people / productive people is a blessing from on high… Then if you are blessed to have good morals, stances, views, beliefs etc..etc..etc.. and it is by your parents… it is like hitting the jackpot.

I call it grace… God saw fit to bless you when He knew in advance that we did not or will ever deserve it…. I think of my father EVERYDAY and it I know -that having a parent that is still living to provide me with guidance is just as sweet……

I am just grateful for the life of my mother….taking things for granted is no longer an option!

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15 Seconds of Truth


Being a FEMALE is a matter of birth…..

Being a WOMAN is a matter of age…..

Being a LADY is matter of choice!

P.S. Women are strong and should have enough wisdom to NOT pray merely because we need something from God…. but more so to just simply thank HIM for all of the things that He has indeed already done in our undeserving lives!