Fun and Me


Fun is a word that SELDOM lived within my vocabulary ….let alone my life – I cannot believe HOW SERIOUS, I used to be about everything! Geesh!

Laughter is something that seems to put a smile on your face, make your stomach hurt, bring tears to your eyes, bring a chuckle to your heart and so much more! So I think to myself, why in the world did I choose to miss out on sooooooo  much?

My circle from a few years ago compared to my circle now is almost completely like night and day because of the changes that I have done from within.. I am still somewhat the same but when you grow in God, you can NO LONGER stay completely the same because God is all about progress1

Church fun is different sometimes when you are in leadership because you are trained to ALWAYS be serious ( over serious and deep ) about so many things that it can ROB you of the JOY OF BEING A FOLLOWER OF JESUS CHRIST!

So glas that part of my life over! I now slay demons and laugh all at the same time! LOL

Fuss with my some friends and show love all at the same times!

Remain stern with my kids while not neglecting the Christ that I stand for!

Maintain relationships that are important and kill the ones that are not!

Respect the differences that I have amongst strangers but have an open mind to who they are as well!

Pray for loved ones who I chose not to deal with but still have the space within to wish them the best!

Understand that God is able to do exceeding and abundantly far more than I can ask or think but know that I still must wait on HIM!

God is awesome – is He not!!!


2 thoughts on “Fun and Me

  1. Phil Gayle_For Singles and Couples

    God has a sense of humour and tends to share it with those willing to listen and open their eyes.
    A liberated life in God allows you to have fun and happiness as well as the all important Joy.
    Religion tends to rob an individual of the fun and happiness aspects of living, imposing many unnecessary man-made rules/regulations.
    I have experienced both and there is no need to ask which one I choose…lol! 😉

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