The Other Baby….


My 19 1/2 year old big baby….. my son sent me this photo a little bit ago and he looks so mature….. but his ” MOMMY VOICE ” does not match his mega tattoos and tough boy act! LOL Sometimes, he sounds more baby -ish than his  10 1/2 year old brother – he does not want ANYONE to know of course….

He is my other big baby and I just CONSTANTLY pray for some of the various decisions that he makes that may not be “so great”…. The Bible instructs parents to train up a child….. some days I have CRIED TO GOD and asked him did He revise his word because my son acts as if he has lost his way at times……GEESH!! LOL

I am STILL LEARNING how to just pray instead of just screaming and fussing at him….HOWEVER – Lord please help him! As a parent, you can tell when things are not so great EVEN WHEN THEY ARE SMILING…..

I hear things in his voice when I talk to him – but no matter what age a person is in life – we must do what is required of us, respect those who have rule over us, understand that there are rules and regulations wherever you are…..Lord thank you for opening his eyes and ears!

Helping Self...

Evening Observation



One Day God will take Us out of this World….but Right Now, God is trying to get the World out of Us. #deliverance and we all fall very SHORT


He Likes Me….He Likes Me Not..

We know that love is something that seems to come a bit easy to friends and family right… but when individuals actually LIKE YOU and want to….desire to….cant wait to….and look forward spending time with you is a blessing…..  I have few friends and it seems like ONE MILLION ASSOCIATES but the people who matter the most to me, I enjoy the fact that THEY INDEED LIKE ME TOO!!!

My 10 1/2 year old is a MAJOR…MAJOR heart warmer for  me!! He is just a gift from God that I CHERISH every day. We have our days that we fuss and pout towards one another but the AWESOME thing about him is that HE FORGIVES QUICKLY and I sooooooo adore that about my little Bambino! He teaches me DALY on how to become a better parent….person…Christian..mother….sister…friend…woman in ministry etc.etc..etc.etc.. I tell him that he is way WISER than his years.. He sees it and knows that God too, has His hands upon him –

My kid likes me- my friends like me – my family ( some of them – LOL ) like me and when someone LIKES YOU – that displays that they enjoy your very presence….which is better than LOVING ME BECAUSE THE BIBLE TELLS THEM TO!  LOL


My 19 year old son called me to talk on his way back from class….he is away at college and I am so proud of him…. but as we know as PARENTS that some days our kids LOVE us then they cant stand us ….however – knowing that you are liked and respected does something to your inner being. Regardless if it the respect comes from strangers, co workers, friends but all in all – when the people you admire and hold dear to your heart shows you a big ball of JOYFUL  emotions it feels good…..

Glad that God loves me….likes me….adores me….appreciates me..UNDERSTANDS me…..respects me… and my list from Him goes on!

Dear ( ME )

My Own Random- ness


I remember when church was simple and easy… now idk ppl have taken Grand beyond the sky

It’s No Secret What God Can Do, What He’s Done For Others He’ll Do For YOU!
I’m just saying … But it’s up to you ..Don’t give part time people a full time position in your life.
I’m still waiting for the day that I will actually use x² + y +8 [(x + 2y ² = a-z] + 2x ³ + (- 2z = 2. 4) + 10y – 5Z ³= k= 9 in real life.
Thank you Lord for one more day!
God has not Forgotten your situation… He’s waiting on you to Remember His Promise! #StartThinking
If we really are fighting for the family and the state of marriage, well lets fix our homes love each other and keep the lines of communication open and last but not least be honest with one another and stay in prayer.
The Holy Ghost is speaking to someone who is in perplexity about their life and ministry. Just because you’ve planted a seed and haven’t seen any substantial growth; don’t allow the enemy to deceive you into thinking and blaming your dry-season on the seed. Often times it’s the soil in which you’ve decided to plant in……

Connecting The Dots…..


The Family Tree is an interesting thing… Spiritual blood lines…. Generational conditions etc…

I have connected the dots so to speak via BOTH sides of my parents and it is very astonishing…. You would be amazed what we can find out when we open up our spiritual eyes and ears…

It HELPS you cope and forgive a great deal even when you don’t want to…..think that you should.. etc..etc..etc.etc. It surely helps things and puts things in perspective!

Nonetheless….. family was created by God so that being said shows the significance as well as the relevance of it all. Our ancestors help define who we are and what we shall experience but it is up to each individual as well as our own personal convictions and relationship with Jesus which can RE-DRIECT what needs to be.

Faith is a must in EVERYTHING that I do……. That is the only way that I am able to deal…