Connecting The Dots…..


The Family Tree is an interesting thing… Spiritual blood lines…. Generational conditions etc…

I have connected the dots so to speak via BOTH sides of my parents and it is very astonishing…. You would be amazed what we can find out when we open up our spiritual eyes and ears…

It HELPS you cope and forgive a great deal even when you don’t want to…..think that you should.. etc..etc..etc.etc. It surely helps things and puts things in perspective!

Nonetheless….. family was created by God so that being said shows the significance as well as the relevance of it all. Our ancestors help define who we are and what we shall experience but it is up to each individual as well as our own personal convictions and relationship with Jesus which can RE-DRIECT what needs to be.

Faith is a must in EVERYTHING that I do……. That is the only way that I am able to deal…


2 thoughts on “Connecting The Dots…..”

  1. I hear you sis,
    My search for more of my family history still continues.
    I would like to go back as far as possible but it is made difficult by some who are uncomfortable with what they have done, even though they know that the sin and shame element has already been taken care of.
    I just have to do some travelling to the States and Jamaica to piece the rest together.
    I’m thankfully, at peace with everything and have been since my late 20s. 🙂

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