The Other Baby….


My 19 1/2 year old big baby….. my son sent me this photo a little bit ago and he looks so mature….. but his ” MOMMY VOICE ” does not match his mega tattoos and tough boy act! LOL Sometimes, he sounds more baby -ish than his  10 1/2 year old brother – he does not want ANYONE to know of course….

He is my other big baby and I just CONSTANTLY pray for some of the various decisions that he makes that may not be “so great”…. The Bible instructs parents to train up a child….. some days I have CRIED TO GOD and asked him did He revise his word because my son acts as if he has lost his way at times……GEESH!! LOL

I am STILL LEARNING how to just pray instead of just screaming and fussing at him….HOWEVER – Lord please help him! As a parent, you can tell when things are not so great EVEN WHEN THEY ARE SMILING…..

I hear things in his voice when I talk to him – but no matter what age a person is in life – we must do what is required of us, respect those who have rule over us, understand that there are rules and regulations wherever you are…..Lord thank you for opening his eyes and ears!


2 thoughts on “The Other Baby….

  1. rebecca2000

    He is beautiful. I will say that if you did your job loving and and disciplining with a gentle hand and spirit as Jesus does, he will find his way. I know as parents, we all worry. We are cursed sometimes for 7 generations but blessed for hundreds.

  2. Phil Gayle_For Singles and Couples

    Children…who would have them??? lol!
    In all seriousness, remain prayerful, trust God and just be loving…eventually he will do what he has to do to be right with his maker.
    Through everything we have been through recently with our 17yr old, we have learned to ‘really’ let go and not just say we are letting go. 🙂

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