30 Second Rant

I don’t want to hear another prophetic its on the way word. I serve a God that can make it happen right now. I am like Moses, Elijah and Paul I got some right now faith. I want to see the power/glory of God right now. I serve the Almighty Living God that created all things. I have sown and I am ready to reap the harvest right now in Jesus name. You’re welcome to stand in agreement cause God got enough blessings to go around.
It’s sad when the move of God has been equated to shouting, dancing, “turn to your neighbor” stuff, and emotionalism while the preacher preaches, yet people leave church without transformation and deliverance. Even the message doesn’t provoke people to shout, dance, run around the church, and speak in tongues, the move of God can happen because of how the messages provoke people into repentance and deliverance.
Salvation is free, but to live godly and to remain saved, that is indeed A PRICE ! We cannot live this life without Jesus! Prophesy that!

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