Dear ( ME )

Sticky Note 2 Self….


Sometimes God allows us to fall into deep valleys and dark pits in order to show us that we are never really in control, but that He always is and that He knows how to rescue us from “impossible” situations (see 2 Corinthians 1:9). When trials hit, we can always be sure that God will come to our aid. Why? (1) It’s His nature – He is “the Father of mercies” and the “God of all comfort.” (2) He’s training us to comfort others.

I do believe that simple things really matter, because even a simple misunderstanding can ruin everything…..


Holiday “cheer” vs. Christmas “spirit”


It is weird that EVERY Christmas Holiday Season… the world has to be REMINDED of the reason for the season….. however if we maintain that “personal” relationship with Jesus than it would be like water rolling off of a window pane…..

Helping the less fortunate….feeding the homeless….donating clothing to shelters…giving toys to children who are in the middle of a transition at a domestic violence center……giving a single parent a ride to church, donating book bags to low income neighborhoods, dropping groceries off for at least ONE senior citizen who you know that may live alone and just OVERALL giving back to your community are things that SHOULD BE considered as Christmas Spirit….those are the things that the Spirit of Jesus Christ requires us to do.

Furthermore, doing things with NO STRINGS attached and not shouting to the roof tops..” Look what I did for people” is a gfit that will keep on giving regardless if it is Tis The Season or not!

God should INDEED be uplifted all year round and not just be given the grand celebration from December 1 – December 25th!…….

Holiday cheer lasts only for the CURRENT moment and usually ENDS at the work or school Christimas Parties!!!  However, The Christmas SPIRIT lasts a lifetime……..Reflecting on what is important will outlast any scheduled holiday season.

Dear ( ME )

half full

WE ALL have heard the slogan…..being asked.. is it half empty..or half full..

welp.. have empty is more honest than having someone thinking that it is half full… half full represents that there was something ACTUALLY there but no longer… that is how a great deal of people are in life…relationships…on the job.. with themselves etc.

I guess people do not understand that  it takes real strength to make sure that they ARE NOT FILLED WITH “HOT AIR”………….